The Amazing Race: Salt that Sand
April 23, 2016 11:01 AM - Season 28, Episode 9 - Subscribe

There are still 6 pairs of Social Media shriekers racing from UAE to Bali on a race around the world.

This episode featured: a gorgeous temple, some folks not knowing the express pass has been used, towers of fruit as offerings, defeatism, snakes around the neck, processing salt, making breakfast from the back of a bike cart, providing the emotionally manipulative backstories of some the remaining couples, giant fantastic gorgeous kites, a chicken in a cage in a tree, outriggers and a traditional sailing boat, and one team is mercifully kicked off the race.

At one point, Phil yelled “Get on the boat” but I’m sure it’s not because he’s anxious for this season to be over or anything.
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It's been very hard to get attached to any of the teams this season, but I guess I am pulling for Burnie and Ashley at this point. They're consistent and not annoying like the other remaining teams. I would expect to see them, the Dude Perfect bros and Tyler & Kory as the final three. But next week features a Double U-Turn, so no guarantees.
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I had completely forgotten the gimmick of this season for most of this episode (as opposed to my fervently despising the concept). I guess that's progress.

I can't say I really hate any teams, but neither do I care for them at all.

Those kites were a perfect reminder why I still watch this show. Man, that looked like fun.
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I hadn't paid much attention to them before, but Burnie & Ashley have been growing on me the last two episodes.

Anyone familiar with Indonesian cuisine have an idea of what was actually in those meatballs?
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Bakso, can be made with fish or meat paste.
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I recently had fish-tofu balls in a vegetably soup at a Szechuan restaurant that had that same color and look. They were delicious.

I like Burnie and Ashley, mostly because they stop before they whine about how it isn't fair they aren't finishing first. I also like the mom, but find her offspring to be generically uninteresting.

Those kites were gorgeous and fun, but I thought the snakes were a canny challenge. By this time, contestants are used to height challenges and you can expect to deal with that fear - but I don't think folks expected to deal with snakes. I HATE snakes, and I'd have been cursing up a storm, but I also wouldn't have let one wrap itself around my neck like some of those guys.
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I looked it up and 10,000 Rupiah is about 80 cents US. Which explained why the speed bump went by so much faster than the other challenges where they try and sell things to locals. (Not to mention in better taste. Nothing bugs me more about this show than when well off Americans beg for money in poorer countries).
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Lol, I've just received word that the going rate for bakso is 5000 Rps.
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