Lucifer: Take Me Back To Hell
April 25, 2016 7:34 PM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

When Lucifer is framed for murder, he and Chloe team up to clear his name and identify the real killer. (Season finale)
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I'm slightly baffled by the concept of Lucifer having a mother - what with monotheism and all, who/what would God have been procreating with to make little baby angels? But, it does seem like a great setup for next season, giving Amenadiel an excuse to continue hanging around L.A. for more Cop/Not A Cop + Not A Cop shenanigans.

Loved the Dr. Linda scene, hope that we'll get more group counseling combos next year. (Maze + Amenadiel couples counseling? Family therapy for Lucifer, Amenadiel, and the mystery mother?)
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Dr. Linda's outrage over their trainwreck of multiple doctor/patient relationship violations is the BEST. Second best: Amenadiel continuing to call his brother "Luci." Slightly disappointed that Trixie didn't tackle-hug Lucifer like usual anyway at the end. And your hiding place was crap, little girl! You were literally just standing behind some crates! You're being sent back to remedial hide-and-seek!

Cold, empty, and ash-dusted Hell was surprisingly beautiful. Will "Mum" be Lilith, or is that too easy?

An enjoyable viewing game to make yourself turn blue: every time there's a closeup shot of Cold Angry Lucifer, hold your breath until he blinks.

And miracle of inexplicable renewal miracles, we're getting a second season! I hope to join you all again on the delightful burning trash fire that is Lucifer, Fanfare. (FanFi? FanMe? FaFaMeFi?)
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I'm slightly baffled by the concept of Lucifer having a mother - what with monotheism and all, who/what would God have been procreating with to make little baby angels?

On Supernatural they've introduced a character (Spoiler) who might fit the bill (with a little tweaking.)

Or maybe they'll retcon Lilith.
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Just watched it & I missed the reference to Mum. Where was it?
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I paused just before the final lines. Just heard them. Never mind.
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homunculus: Curiously, DC Comics has a similar character idea with whom/which Lucifer shared power with for a while.

Maybe Lucifer will make Trixie the guardian spirit of hedgehogs.
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[Reading that DC wiki] Yeah, something like The Darkness would be so much more interesting than another version of Lilith as the Big Bad, which I'm thoroughly sick of. It would also be much more interesting if the villain was more amoral but scary, like entropy, than anything like "evil".
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Just wanted to say thanks for the MeFites who posted about this show. Nobody else I know watches it and it has been nice to have access to virtual TV watching buddies to chat with about the ups and downs of this first season. I look forward to doing so again when this starts back up in the fall (or winter or whenever).
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if the villain was more amoral but scary, like entropy, than anything like "evil"

That's a very apt description of the original-flavor comics Lucifer Morningstar as a character, so presenting that as TV Lucifer's antagonist would be entertainingly pointed. Portrayals of Satan as "guy who wants freedom and washes his hands of the lot of you" (comics Lucifer) and/or "guy who wants to reveal true desires and punish the wicked" (TV Luci) are still unusual in media, so the contrast could be interesting.

I'm cautious about hoping for too much spiritual or narrative depth from this series, as those were a hallmark of the comic series, and the TV adaptation has already started in a wildly different direction. At the same time, many of the TV show's strengths weren't at play in the comic at all: the camp elements, the humorous character interaction, Lucifer's increasingly human vulnerabilities and daddy issues, his fascination/bewilderment with humanity, and of course DOCTOR LINDA! I'd hate for those elements that are working to get shuffled aside in a possibly-unsuccessful bid to make the show more in line with the comic.
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My only hope is that whatever fuckwits at Fox who helped the writers steer the Sleepy Hollow train off the tracks during the hiatus between the 1st & 2nd season do not start meddling with Lucifer. I don't want this to come back in the fall with Lucifer & Amenadiel reinvented as the Winchester bros and for Dr. Linda, Maze, Chloe, & Trixie sidelined away to nowhere. I want the glorious trash fire that I started with.
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I am honestly super fond of this show, and glad it got renewed. But I'm trying not to get too attached since I'm not sure it will make it through a full second season.

I love the developing relationships between Maze + Amenadial and also Dan + Lucifer - here's hoping it keeps improving in Season 2.
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