Dance Academy: Week Zero   First Watch 
April 30, 2016 5:36 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

What it says on the tin. It's 0th week and the new intake of students move into the dorm.
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Okay, now I'm puzzled. If Abigail and Kat are already students, that means they're second years, so how are they in the same year as Tara...
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Maybe they're grouped by age, like a traditional high school? It does seem like Tara is coming into a mostly already established social group.
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Or maybe it's a junior year of high school type thing and there are middle school years that don't feature in the narrative.

Tara's moving from a town of 300 to a school that's surely not bigger than 300, if that. Maybe it's not as big a change as she thinks.

I like Kat the best of all the characters at this point.

Abigail is obviously kicking Tara's ass in jazz, Tara is keeping up a lot better in contemporary, and Kat rules in hip hop while most of the others are galumping about with no clue.
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I think it's barbaric that the kids have to share bathrooms. Just awful.
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And now the whole But Madame I've Been On Pointe For Years thing.

I thought Tara smacking Abigail in the mouth with her pointe shoes before handing them back to Miss Raine was nicely done.

Also the hazing jump seemed insanely dangerous to me and I thought Tara was completely gullible to go along with it with no proof of how deep the water really was or what hazards there might be. I honestly expected them to lead with someone going quadriplegic in the second episode and was surprised when they came out unharmed.
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Oh, and the whole thing about saying goodbye to the joey at the beginning? That's the kind of twee thing that, if there's anything twee going on, it's always around Tara. Fortunately they skim it over, but when I saw Tara saying goodbye to little Roo I just thought "you have GOT to be kidding me".

But then she redeemed herself by taking a life threatening risk for no good reason and then physically assaulting her classmate. You go, Tara!
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