Supernatural: The Chitters
May 2, 2016 3:54 PM - Season 11, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean are visiting a small town in Colorado where people are mysteriously disappearing every 27 years.

Another Monster of the Week episode. But I thought it was a pretty interesting one, albeit I yelled at the TV "STOP SPLITTING UP" every time they... split up. It was especially nice to see more LGBT representation, and super nice of Dean to not drag the couple into their Apocalypse drama. Although I couldn't help but note that maaaaaybe this is an all hands on deck scenario, since y'know, Amara wants to undo creation. Letting a couple of capable hunters go off and enjoy their last days together might give Dean that "good endings" kinda feel, but I would've at least clued them in with a "please help when we come calling so your happily-ever-after might last longer than until this time next month".

I also liked this episode because of the cicada references, because cicadas are fascinating to me.
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On the other hand, nothing they have done to stop Amara has worked, so what good is two more hunters on the case? May as well let them live out their last days in blissful ignorance.

These hunters represent the possibility of a happy ending for Sam and Dean, where they might settle into a normal life. Literally every role model in their lives and every hunter friend has suffered in the end, so it's about time they have a little hope.

(The exception being Jody Mills, but she was never a true hunter and has deliberately tried avoiding that lifestyle. Plus she lost her husband and kid, so there's that.)
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The show has a history of making some squeamish, bro-y jokes about gay stuff, so this episode felt very much like the creators were saying, "Yeah, sorry. Here are two heroic gay guys in love." In the past Dean would have (at the very least) mumbled something to convey that he was uncomfortable around them, but there was absolutely none of that here and the Winchesters treated the guys like any other hunter couple they might meet. So, 10 points there, Supernatural.

This show really evolved over time. It's weird now to see those early episodes where the brothers look about 16 and they're obsessed with tracking down their dad and there's no Crowley or Cas or even Bobby around. It's like we've watched them grow up, almost. I do wish they'd get a real spinoff going (Sheriffs Jody & Donna pleeeease?) because I feel like this universe they've created is rich enough to go on indefinitely. I'd be sad to see it just end with this show, whenever this show ends.
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I agree with the idea that this universe could support a real spinoff, or two. There's so much more that could be explored. That backdoor pilot they created a couple of seasons ago was SO VERY BAD, though. I wonder if they'll ever try again.
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I knew I didn't want to watch an episode called "The Chitters." I will give it slight points for use of the word "orgy" and a happy gay hunter relationship (even if Jesse was a bit off-putting, his partner seemed quite nice).
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