Farscape: Kansas   Rewatch 
May 4, 2016 12:29 AM - Season 4, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Crichton and his friends find themselves on Earth in late October 1985. Unfortunately, Crichton discovers that in this alternate timeline, his father Jack is set to command the space shuttle Challenger on its final mission, which ended in the deaths of all seven crew members.[via]
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Karen Shaw in the back of a pickup truck!
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Kudos to the actor of young Crichton for allowing someone to dribble chewed up who knows what into their mouth, major kudos.

As always, anytime our Farscape aliens are exposed to Earth culture, I just love the crud out of it. Rygel's hyper sugar addiction was almost over the top, but kind of sweet (purposefully did that), and I loved Aeryn trying out her mildly accented english. Perhaps the best was D'argo putting on the deputies hat.

Interwoven through it was kind of a sad look into John's past, learning that his dad was a jerk to his mom, that she apparently died from a cancer that could have been stopped if noticed sooner, and so on. It's kind of the start of a sad Crichton two/three parter.
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About Karen Shaw!--I don't know if that was always planned or retconned, but it's a great detail! This episode showcases Farscape's ability to have both humor and tragedy in one episode: wacky hi-jinks with the aliens and John saying good-bye to his mom.
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