Archive 81: Episode 3: A Story In Cycles
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Jesse talks about being born in the Visser building. Mr. Davenport reassures Dan, but only slightly. And Samuel lectures his congregation regarding cycles, stories, and exploitations.
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Woah. The voice acting at the beginning of this episode was pretty shaky, but then Mr. Davenport's cover story was particularly menacing and Samuel's monologue gave me chills.
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Yeah, Jesse was just baaad. Davenport is growing on me both as a character and an actor.
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Huh. I'm used to being the overly-critical jerk in the room when it comes to voice acting, but I thought Jesse was really quite good. The bit at the start where he shows off his knowledge of radio seemed absolutely spot-on, and the rest of his material was innocuous. I found the character and his interaction with the interviewer completely believable.

The boss character is still almost unbearable, and it's a struggle to keep listening through his lines. But, it's worth it, 'cause everything else is really good.

It may be that this particular narrative is designed specifically for me: metacommentary on radio production, gonzo anthropology, and not-entirely-serious discussions of architecture and the nature of the city are all pretty high on my list of fun things to engage in. But, for whatever reason, I'm enjoying this series a lot more than all the recent ones that have been produced in the same style. (The Message had some really good parts, but it got too close to science I actually know something about, and did such a shitty job with the details, that I found it really hard to suspend my disbelief.)

Also, I had a weird sense of Déjà vu listening to the Jesse story. I feel like I've heard or read someone talking about a very similar set of experiences in the last few months, in a non-fiction forum and without the spooky bits. Anyone happen to remember where I heard it?
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