Penny Dreadful: Predators Far and Near
May 9, 2016 10:53 AM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Sir Malcolm continues his journey; Ethan receives help from Hecate; Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll hatch a plan; evil forces track Vanessa.

*Dorian & Lily go to some underground gentlemen's torture/murder club, slaughter everyone and rescue the would-be victim, bringing her back home to join their own murder club.
*After some lecture Q&A flirting, Vanessa takes Dr. Sweet out on a date. Dr. Sweet is revealed to be Dracula. (Dun-dun-dun!)
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i am delighted by the return of hecate, she was always my fave of the witch gang. i'm pretty unconcerned about whatever it is she wants from ethan as he can certainly take care of himself but i hope she doesn't end up hurting wes studi.

i love dr seward so much, she better not turn out to Be Evil
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The first rule of torture-murder club is

I absolutely love Billie Piper's character, and that bit at the end, with Frankenstein, I was like, we've all been there, haven't we? Leaving behind your young-adult life and your first boyfriend and your bad decisions, and growing up and becoming someone new. I didn't actually become an undead monster after I left college but it feels strangely similar.
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ugh and he is so absolutely the emotionally stunted manbaby who's always like I WANT THINGS TO GO BACK TO THE WAY THEY WERE BEFORE, YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO REMEMBER THE BAD THINGS I DID ANYMORE

between him and caliban i have so much loathing for whiny entitled manbabies on this show but by god between vanessa and lily, and ideally hecate as well this season, i have so much satisfaction from women who will DEVOUR YOUR VERY SOUL rather than allow themselves to be consumed by a man's sad needy whining.
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also am i gayly imagining it or is dr jekyll casting longing looks of sweet tender manlove towards lil vicky
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I have a straight friend and she was imagining that too! Before I even said anything.

I like how they cast him, actually, and I like how it's playing into his background and character, setting up his duality and inner rage. I would never have thought of it and it makes so much sense. (also, great actor)
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also am i gayly imagining it or is dr jekyll casting longing looks of sweet tender manlove towards lil vicky

Longing looks? He outright stated, baldly, that he would do anything for love **extreme closeup on vicky**

So yeah. Bet his full-on Hyde transformation comes when Vicky rejects him.
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Yeah, he seems unusually willing to help out Victor, who is a total ass.

This show does a really good job of its characters having agency and much of the show being about gaining/losing agency, normally by gaining the confidence to know themselves and forge their own paths.

I'd almost call it the moral reward structure of this world as it seems like the person who has had the best time of it is Dorian who is the most comfortable and self-aware of everyone.
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I absolutely love this show--it's like nothing else on TV--and am sad this may be the final season. Eva Green's beautiful crying in the therapy scene broke my heart. Also, has she ever dated someone who is not a literal monster?
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While I think it's clear Jekyll loves Victor, the way he said "What we won't do....for love" there was threat in there. It seemed to me an acknowledgement that part of what we do for love is torture and murder.

Also am I the only person who when Seward lit that cigarette all I could think was "Smoke if you got 'em."
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I'm wondering if Seward isn't a actually the cut-wife (who never died, or has been reincarnated, or.. etc). Her immediate reaction after Nessie's first visit (slight shudder) I read as relief that she'd not been discovered.

Lighting up after learning what her protege had been dealing with, all alone, just reinforced it.
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Watching Victor staring at Lily's window, I was thinking to myself oh you are so stalkery ex-boyfriend who just won't accept IT'S ALL OVER. If the scene was an AskMe question from Victor, he would be unanimously told it's over, go no contact, stop with the drunken texting. Except for one response from a J3kyll, "Bro I know how to totally get back at that b*tch, memail me" which Victor marks as best answer before the mods delete it.

And then there's Dr. Sweet, Victorian negging pick up artist.
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Dr. Sweet is revealed to be Dracula.

I'm glad they revealed it so soon, it was kind of obvious.
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tbh i assumed it was that mincing prat with the ridiculous quiff until the final reveal but in my defense i was busy screaming in the GoT thread while watching
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Oh my, I forgot this was back, yes my violent Victorian melodrama is back! Penny Dreadful: the show with no chill.

Is it just me or is the budget higher? Like things are looking a lot more directed. I think they all saw Crimson Peak and realized they needed to up thier game.

I love how the vampires like, don't even try to blend in. They're werid and they know they're werid.

It hit me that Ethan's storyline is the dullest cause there's no werid gender / sexuality stuff going on in it like everyone else's' so you get women in menswear and men with long hair and Dorian and Lilly's Let's Eat The Rich No Literslly murder fest (I loved how very little convincing that girl needed to join thier murder spree,)

Anyway, very zippy start and I feel like they're just going Big Gay All The Time * Now and thank god for that.

It just occurred to me that all the female characters on this show and incredibly powerful and or terrifying

*i was wondering if the super gay feeling I got from this show was an accident but nope! John Logan, creator and writer, totally gay. Good for him, maybe he and Bryan Fuller can socially snub Ryan Murphy.
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I think they all saw Crimson Peak and realized they needed to up their game.

fun fact: VFX for both was/is done at the same company! (I work there. I'd say about 50% of my work involves blood. so much blood)
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Ahhhh! That explains a lot! It looks great!
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Dr. Sweet is revealed to be Dracula.

Wait.... what?
Is that who it was? I thought it was John Leguizamo.
Really, he's Dracula?
That was not obvious to me at all.
Because, daylight.

I got the chills when the asked "What is beyond murder" and after a visit to that totally rocking (drinks?) cabinet, I thought it was amazing when the Alienist cried.

The murder club scene... aside from being a lot, was that kind of thing real?

It hit me that Ethan's storyline is the dullest

What? Dull? I have to disagree.
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It's seems like we're getting the Bram Stoker vampires here, where anything less than direct sunlight isn't fatal or just blocks most of thier supernatural powers (Amusingly Anno Dracula, a series where Dracula wins and vampirized the English royal family, the smog and pollution of London block out enough sunlight that Vampires can go around just fine so long as they wear gloves and brimmed hats)
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Ethan's story is still in it's very early stages of reveal. At this point, he's actually the character we know the least about.
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Yeah, the idea of Ethan's story seemed boring, but the actual meat of it is getting interesting., this show! I almost think every episode requires two viewings at least, just to fully soak in the lush atmosphere.

There's also something beautifully terrifying about Lilli's obvious choice in the direction she's going. Dorian has best watch out, or he find himself left behind.

Did not see Dracula coming, but I that's the point!
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I didn't think Dr. Sweet was negging. It seemed like an honest connection, actually, based on shared interests. I thought it was adorable when she walked into his lecture and he started aiming questions at her.
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I am so thrilled this is back! And that Foxtel is doling it out at a reasonable rate rather than leaving us poor Australians waiting months like last season.

Vanessa, really, maybe you should hold off on dating for a while? I appreciate that you are at least bathing now, but maybe, just maybe, you should be focusing a wee bit more on your recovery and not random hotties. Besides you really do have the worst luck with men.

Ethan's story is just getting interesting. I had assumed that his family was in the know with the whole werewolf thing, but apparently not.
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> I didn't think Dr. Sweet was negging.

He kept forgetting her name when talking with Vanessa. That's pretty much textbook negging.
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It might be or it might be day time persona being unpowered and not good at a few things. We'll see.
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Mm, no, you're right, he forgot her name but remembered the scorpions. Tho that actually makes sense for his persona.
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I didn't take it as forgetting her name, but jokingly pretending he didn't know it, like she was just a random lecture attendee as opposed to someone he knew. Vanessa doesn't seem to be the person who would have tolerated him genuinely acting like he didn't recall who she was.
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I have been ranting to my sufferring wife about how great the CGI scene-setters have been in this season. It's a feature of contemporary well-funded period drama that is a wonderful bonus.
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