Elementary: A Difference in Kind
May 9, 2016 11:02 AM - Season 4, Episode 24 - Subscribe

Holmes and Watson face retaliation from the perpetrator who wants Morland dead, and realize they underestimated the scope of their enemy's influence. (Season finale)
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I wonder if there will be any repercussions for Joan lying to the FBI in setting up the framing of Vikner, or if it will be swept under the rug and forgotten next season? I assume their evidence fakery would be undetectable, but it seems like it would be harder to explain why they thought he had a hostage without explaining why & who.

I thought this was a good finale, though not a great season overall. The sudden elevation of the coroner from character-less exposition mouthpiece to weekly offscreen chess buddy, Joan's various side plots that seemed to go nowhere - it seems like they did a lot of treading water to get to that last great scene between Morland & Sherlock on the rooftop.
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I am a notorious rule-follower, so of course I hated this episode. (What is even the point of being friends with the police?) And I know they had to get John Noble out of there because the actor isn't returning next season. But ... ugh.

By halfway through this episode I realized I'd forgotten what Moriarty's organization even did, but couldn't bear the idea of going back and rewatching. Moriarty when they can't actually have Natalie Dormer guest-star just reminds me how much I miss her.

I was actually disappointed that the body wasn't Morland (who ... can teleport?), because I sort of like that redheaded Scot.

Bring back Clyde and the quirky murder of the week! See you next season.
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PS: this is still my favorite show.
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The phone call Morland makes on his balcony (the second one) was vague enough for me to suss out a head-fake. Earlier in the episode, in the scene at the Hashemi's office, you see Morland realize the offer on the table a split second before Sherlock wrongly assumes its no longer being considered. There you have your 'Difference of Kind.'

I'm a little disappointed that NYPD was basically lopped out of this plot entirely and wholly agree that all the talk of Moriarty just isn't the same as having Dormer on screen. It felt like this season was tryouts for bit character promotion and none of them panned out. I had high hopes for Fiona, but she's also been MIA for the final arc.

That said, I love this show. The way it tackles topicality (Iran, terrorism this season, addiction and sexism in previous, etc.) and Big Issues (parental relationships, IE Morland telling Sherlock, Now you're safe! Everyone else better watch the fuck out.) is so smart and subtly on point. I really appreciate that.
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When deciding to become the head of the organization, was at least part of Morland's motivation the fact that Sherlock rather peremptorily said he would be terrible at it?
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