Your all time favorite Eurovision contestant, song and/or winner?
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As the title says - what is your favorite Eurovision contestant, song and/or winner?
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Someone linked to this Scandinavia and the World comic last year. Which was my introduction to Eurovision. That combined with being a big violin fan makes Alexander Rybak my favorite.

Plus his YouTube videos are fun.
Fela Igjen
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Lots of favorites (am I the only person that likes La La La?), but favorite favorite is Johnny Logan.

1980 What's Another Year (sung)
1987 Hold Me Now (wrote & sung)
1992 Why Me (wrote)

Talk about a guy who really understood the venue . . . .
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More conventionally, my favorite is probably Georgia from 2007.

But it's Eurovision, so less conventional selections include:
1998 Germany
2000 Germany, again
2006 Iceland
2007 Ukraine
2011 Moldova
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How long do we have?

Sweden 1983 is just so iconic. But it's another era, so let's look at modern Eurovision.

Still on high rotation in Casa Bookish:
Latvia 2000
Slovenia 2005 (travesty it stranded in the semis)
France 2007
Serbia 2007 - WINNER (This year's Serbian entry has a strong whiff of Molitva)
Turkey 2008 (in fact, I now own several albums by them & they are AWESOME).
Bosnia & Herzegovina 2008
Sweden 2012 - WINNER (and my personal favourite of modern-era Eurovision champs. Loreen changed the game completely & is just so damn cool)
Moldova 2012
Israel 2012 (another semi-final castaway)
Norway 2013
Melodifestivalen 2014 (runner-up in Sweden national final)
Latvia 2015
Belgium 2015

This year I tried hard not to have favourite, but Latvia this year is just irresistible (and written/produced by their 2015 contestant who is just so awesome).

This is just scratching the surface, really. And, god yes, Sopho from Georgia was just stunning, Wordshore.
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Ukraine 2004: Ruslana (WINNER)
I saw Ruslana perform last year at Toronto's Massey Hall, in a traditional/pop hybrid of a concert with the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus. It was an unexpected, but mostly very successful combination. She's done away with most of the "Wild Dances" costuming by now of course. But her energy is still boundless and infectious.
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I enjoy "I Love Europe" sung by Christer Sjögren in Melodifestivalen (maybe in 2008) mostly because it's so kitschy. It's this old Swedish singer snapping his fingers and singing the same phrase over and over. Check out 2:18 to see the best part, when the backup singer/dancers open their skirts to reveal ... wait for it ... flags from many different European nations. I can't say it's my favourite but it's one of the most memorable for me.
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