Live Stream: Semifinal 2 (2016 Eurovision Song Contest)
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It's time for the next round of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest! Semifinal 2 begins at 2100 CET / 3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific. As before, the live stream will be available via the Eurovision website. Viewers located outside the US can also watch via YouTube. Thanks to LOGO TV's contract to broadcast Saturday's Grand Final, the semifinal rounds are not available to viewers in the US via YouTube, and the stream is relatively low quality. One freely available (no VPNs necessary!) and high-quality source is the Swedish broadcaster, SVT. This is probably the correct link for today's stream. In case it's not, check the SVT Play home page.

Later today, another eighteen countries will vie for the final ten spots in Saturday's Grand final. Leading countries in the round include Ukraine, whose song "1944" has been the source of many complaints from the Russians. The EBU cleared Jamala's song of having any "political intent," and over the past week Ukraine has pulled into second place in the latest odds. Other popular entries in the round include Australia, Bulgaria, and Israel.

Other notes:
-- This is the semifinal in which Romania, aka the Game of Thrones Rock Opera, would have performed had they not gotten kicked out of the contest. We miss you, Romania! :(
-- Belarus promised wolves and nudity onstage during their performance; they'll make good on that promise, although perhaps not in the way you expect.

Running Order

1) Latvia
2) Poland
3) Switzerland
4) Israel
5) Belarus
6) Serbia
7) Ireland
8) FYR Macedonia
9) Lithuania
10) Australia
11) Slovenia
12) Bulgaria
13) Denmark
14) Ukraine
15) Norway
16) Georgia
17) Albania
18) Belgium


-- Good evening, Stockholm!
-- This is not a Drill People-Eurovision comes to the US
-- Semifinal 1 live stream discussion

Entry Previews

-- Official videos, Semifinal 2
-- First rehearsals, Semifinal 2
-- Dress rehearsals, Semifinal 2
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Can't watch properly until tonight but am peeking in to see Belarus.
posted by JanetLand at 12:27 PM on May 12, 2016

Someone explain to me how Georgia qualified with ... that ... for the final of Eurovision, please? Also, I need a new pair of retinas.
posted by Wordshore at 2:08 PM on May 12, 2016

This was harder for me than the first semi. I had more "I actually like this song" moments here so it was hard to see some favorites not get in. I really liked Ireland, for example. It's such a nice happy song - the lyric "Fight like we're winners, Love like beginners" I think is really great - even if a bit cliche there's something about the execution within the song that's just "yeah, ok, that's kinda cool, I dig it."

Would have liked Denmark, also, but I'll be pretty frank and admit it's cuz they're cute.

Do not get the Bulgaria vote at all other than Eastern Block cabal voting.

Oh, the opening number!!! Although they started with "The US is watching for the first time" I was like "no, we're technically not, no one is officially broadcasting the semis here, and you bastards blocked the YouTube, so as far as the EBU knows we're not supposed to be seeing this at all" - So it was extremely weird to make that the basis of the opening number but - OMG HAHAHAH LOL AWESOME, it was fantastic and I'm off to link it on Facebook to my un-Eurovision-enlightened friends.
posted by dnash at 7:24 PM on May 12, 2016

Aw, I really liked Romania. It's got that Highlander vibe, and Romania just keeps getting cheated of the Eurovision glory they're due. Cezar was robbed!
posted by asperity at 9:19 PM on May 12, 2016

I'm always loathe to predict results, but Australia's definitely going to be a contender for the crown after that performance.
posted by kariebookish at 2:43 AM on May 13, 2016

I don't see why she was dressed like a wedding cake, however.
posted by JanetLand at 4:50 AM on May 13, 2016

One word, JanetLand: Croatia.
posted by kariebookish at 6:47 AM on May 13, 2016

Thank you, Switzerland, for making my description of Eurovision as "a little bit Solid Gold, a little bit Hunger Games" even more accurate by putting a smoke machine in her dress!
posted by dnash at 7:14 AM on May 13, 2016

Interesting look behind the scenes at Eurovision: Behind the scenes at Eurovision with audio students.
posted by zachlipton at 11:25 AM on May 13, 2016

Really disappointed that Belarus didn't qualify. Overall, I thought the songs this semi-final were a big too homogeneous and blended together a bit too much during the recap. Maybe a sign the countries are overdoing it with Swedish-written/produced songs?
posted by gyc at 1:05 PM on May 13, 2016

I'm so disappointed that Belarus didn't get through. In fact only five acts that were on my list got through-- which means five acts that I hated took their place. Ugh Georgia was dreadful.

My husband and I were spoilered so we sat up expectantly when the Ukraine performed. Meh. Without the political angle it would never have won.
posted by Secret Life of Gravy at 10:04 AM on May 16, 2016

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