The 100: Perverse Instantiation
May 13, 2016 9:55 PM - Season 3, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Clarke and the others make a last-ditch wild attempt to defeat ALIE. Part 1 of the 2-part season finale.

After being kicked off Luna's oil rig, Bellamy & the others want to go back to Arkadia, but Clarke wants to go looking for another nightblood. The argument is cut short when Roan (king of Asgeda) finds Clarke in the woods. They cut a deal with him: if he helps them get into Polis, they'll give Ontari the Flame, thus giving Roan an Asgeda Commander.

There is a quick return to Arkadia, where the plan is discussed with Monty and Raven and Harper. But as the strike team leaves, the camera shows ALIE, in her red dress, watching the rover pull out. Someone has been chipped.

The plan involves Roan taking Clarke as a hostage and getting Ontari to meet him in public. But they're met by Jaha and others of the chipped, and they take Clarke from Roan. When Roan turns to flee with the Flame, Kane steps out in front of him and shoots him in the head. Meanwhile, Bellamy, Octavia, Brian and Miller get taken captive (because ALIE knew the plan).

Clarke is brought to the top of the tower and Abby tortures her when Clarke refuses to give the passcode for the Flame. ALIE decides they need one of Clarke's friends to torture, and calls for Bellamy. But Murphy, Indra, and Pike show up and kill the guards on Bellamy et al. They decide to try for Ontari anyway, although Octavia is shocked that Indra is working with Pike.

The plan involves sending Bellamy and Murphy up the elevator while the others work the windlass and guard their backs. Naturally, there's a fight at the bottom, and Kane is knocked out. Pike is shot, but not fatally. They set explosives to blow the windlass, and at the last minute Indra jumps down to protect Kane (their fate is unknown). Bellamy and Murphy have some similar excitement in the elevator.

Back at Arkadia, Monty and Jasper have their first friendly chat in a while, while Monty looks for some equipment Raven needs to hack back into ALIE. (How does Raven know where ALIE went?) But Jasper picks up a screwdriver and stabs Monty: Jasper took the chip after they left Luna's rig. Monty survives and escapes back to Raven, and they lock themselves in the server room while Jasper cajoles them through the intercom. They have no way to warn Harper, though, and when she approaches the door, Jasper jumps her and knocks her out.

Meanwhile ALIE realizes Bellamy isn't available, and has Abby hang herself in front of Clarke to get the passcode, but it still doesn't work. At that moment, Bellamy and Murphy burst in. But it's too late: Jaha has clubbed Ontari down so Clarke can't access her brain. Murphy cuts Abby down: she's alive. But Ontari is brain dead.

Their escape route is cut off, and Polis is full of the chipped. They're trapped, with no way to defeat ALIE.
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OK, my theory as for how they get out of this, since I assume ALIE is not going to last into Season 4: Clarke removes the chip from Abby, and Abby performs emergency brain surgery on Ontari, which gives her just enough awareness to pass on the code.

Or maybe there's an emergency transfusion, giving Clarke enough of the nightblood to survive taking the Flame herself.

In either event, they would have to make sure Jaha didn't hear or see what was going on...
posted by suelac at 11:02 PM on May 13, 2016

Maybe the chip could still work even if she's brain dead ?
posted by Pendragon at 7:20 AM on May 14, 2016

Was there some hint that the commander chip can heal their bodies?
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Maybe the chip could still work even if she's brain dead ?

But they need whoever takes the Flame to tell Raven the password for the kill switch. Ontari can't do that if she's brain dead. So I'm thinking either she gets patched up, or somehow Clarke takes the Flame.
posted by suelac at 8:58 PM on May 14, 2016

I wonder too if they could access the chip info once it's implanted - but they can't currently reach Raven. They've gotta be able to do something!

(How does Raven know where ALIE went?)

I think she doesn't. She accessed the data through a chip, right? So perhaps we'll see that she realizes it's stored in space next episode? I think since she has access to the code through the chip, then it doesn't matter where ALIE is, right? Because she also didn't know that ALIE was previously in the backpack only because no one from Polis has communicated back to the Arc crew, ya? So if they find the killswitch, it doesn't matter where the code is stored. If ALIE were to somehow be inaccessible from the ground then she'd have to stop linking with the people on the ground because otherwise there'd be SOME way as data has to transfer. As long as you have data connections you have an area of weakness. (Uhem, my husband works in IT...)

Anyway, I loved this episode. I gasped both times ALIE showed up and we didn't know who was chipped. I think that's some great storytelling. I also gasped when Jasper just gut-stabbed Monty. OUCH! I hope he pulls through. It was creepy to know he was chipped for so long but I'm glad ALIE finally got the memo to lay low and learn info before making a move.

Murphy is still my fav now even though I hated him before. So snarky.
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Yeah, it's putting in Ontari is worth a shot on the off-chance that it can patch her up. Worst case scenario you've just got to pull it out of her again.
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