The Amazing Race: The Only First That Matters
May 14, 2016 11:05 AM - Season 28, Episode 12 - Subscribe

One team of “social media stars” wins The Amazing Race. Finally.

This episode featured: Reminders of all the things that annoyed us all season long, seats in “premium class”, leaping off a skyscraper to grab a clue, totally missing the clue box, a helicopter ride, forgetting to unhitch a dingy, finding one boat amongst hundreds, whining, figuring out they needed to find that boat first, driving by the boat multiple times, climbing up to Gibraltar Rock, multiple teams taking “No” for an answer, synchronized clue-grabbing over a gorge, driving right by a clue box, a spelling challenge, the dancers predicting the final challenge, searching for Phil, and the usual expectation that the cabbies care if they win the Amazing Race.

Dana and Matt won. Cole and Sherri came in second.
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Was there a reason they called it "premium class" instead of business or first? It was just so awkwardly said - Phil clearly looked like he wanted to say biz/first but then had to stop himself and say "premium" which, in my experience on a lot of world airlines, at most refers to a slightly-less-awful economy class, not something with lie flat beds and privacy screens.

Why does anyone NOT REMEMBER TO KEEP THEIR CAB WAITING FOR THEM. Didn't this screw Green Team last season? (Not that I was sad to see them fail.)

Yay. It's over. Well done to Cole and Sherri for all the freaky height stuff they sucked it up for and pulled off. Congrats I guess to the dysfunctional dancers for figuring their shit out well enough to pull this off with a significant lead. Well played Tyler and Corey; you weren't awful people and you were pretty entertaining. I hope you get to keep your skyscraper bungee jumping instructor boyfriend guy, Tyler.

Are there any hints of next season's gimmick yet? I was a little surprised to not see a preview at the end - didn't they tease the social media star thing last season?
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I'm seeing online that the casting for season 29 took place in March, with filming scheduled for July, so no previews. Reportedly a mix of known couples of all types and "blind date" (but not necessarily romantic) pairings.

Disappointed with the final tasks in this episode. Didn't seem to be anything that would cause any difficulties or challenge to mix up the order of finish after the first part.
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Didn't seem to be anything that would cause any difficulties or challenge to mix up the order of finish after the first part.

I think it was actually a well designed final leg. But the social media gimmick gave us three athletic, well prepared teams. That synchronized rock climbing required a lot of strength. Finding the boat was a good challenge but they were all smart enough to google it on the way there for context. Memorizing the spelling of the different cities is really tough but they all know to memorize everything like it's Big Brother.

Give those tasks to teams 10 years ago and it would have been brutal, but everyone is so well prepared now that the dancers made it look easy.
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The team I least wanted to win won it. At least they aren't anywhere close to my most hated winning team. (coughFreddyandKendracough) I was pulling for Tyler and Korey - surprising, since I thought I would hate them when I found out they were cast. But from the beginning they worked well together, were nice to each other, and seemed to be having a good time with it throughout.
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It's not that I didn't want them to win, I just didn't think they would get all the way there. In the end, it was one of those seasons where it was hard to invest in any of the teams, but the Dancers never felt like contenders, and then they just had a lucky leg exactly at the right moment.
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I watched most of this season with my wife. I missed the final episode, but she told me that the dancers won. I have no recollection of "the dancers", "Matt", or "Dana" whatsoever from any point in this entire season. But then, none of these teams were really memorable - about what you'd expect from people billed as "social media stars", I guess.
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