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There are two new characters in this episode: Fiona's new friend, Jasmine, and Frank’s mom, Peggy (“Grammy” to the kids). Frank succeeds at getting a hazardous new job (with help from Debbie, who's surprisingly enthusiastic about this), but he struggles to injure himself without being caught by his new coworker, who's extraordinarily caring and protective. And Karen starts an online video diary called “DaddyzGirl.”

In her first entry, Karen shows a photo of her “daddy,” mentions identifying information about his workplace, and shows off her new “whore” tattoo. She dyes her hair black, gets a chain between a nose ring and earring, and trashes the basement. Lip observes that Karen’s dad has a point — “you have been kind of a whore … no judgment” — and Karen kicks him out.

When Frank stumbles into Karen’s basement zonked on painkillers to soothe his intentional workplace injury, Karen comes up with the most mortifying possible way to get back at her dad for his behavior last episode. Karen orders Frank to “sit,” then records herself having sex with Frank, seemingly against his will, while asking the camera if she’s “still a whore.”

Fiona meets Jasmine at a moms’ meeting at Debbie’s school, where they both feel alienated from the other moms. They start hanging out, but Jasmine seems more interested in getting to know Fiona than vice versa. Jasmine’s husband, Hal, suggests he’ll be able to offer Fiona a job.

Lip and Ian talk to Peggy in prison, trying to find Frank’s three brothers, as they expect one of them to be Ian’s biological father based on the DNA testing. They skip one brother because he’s sterile. The first brother they meet (also played by William H. Macy) threatens to shoot them. The second brother, Clayton, has an uncanny resemblance to Ian. Clayton’s wife, Lucy, takes him aside and tells him — off camera (barely audible): “You told me you never slept with her! … Then why does he look exactly like Jacob [presumably their son]?” On camera, Lip tries to convince Ian that he could have a better life staying with this new family, but Ian walks away, saying: “We all have our problems with Frank. But he’s still my father.”

Tony catches Steve stealing a car, so he drives Steve to a dark alley, beats him, and vows to marry Fiona. Steve points out that Tony can’t do anything too terrible to Steve, or Fiona will hate Tony forever — so Tony tells Steve to “disappear” without contacting Fiona. In a later scene, Tony tries to get Steve arrested ... but he gets Lip and Ian arrested instead.
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Not sure if anyone else is going to read this, my girlfriend and I are watching Shamless for the first time through and are up to this episode. (I understand this is a rewatch thread, but please don't spoil ;)

To express our interest in it: it's displaying the struggle of poor families with some absurd and hilarious comedy. (Besides how rare is it these days to sitcom or show about a poor family? ) Also a trainwreck [Frank] that I can't help watching but some of the characters have depth. The complexity of how Fiona hates the fucking situation that she's in but she feels obligated to be there, assists her siblings and will defend them by any means necessary [at what point will she not sacrifice herself for them? that is to be seen]. The siblings truly love each other. The relationships are messy and complex and Shameless displays many of these nuances.

Personally, I'm really interested in Lip. He's intelligent enough to be break the cycle of generational poverty (hell, even Fiona likely could have too, but she's decided to support her family and siblings instead of any sort of career or higher education) but ambivalent that he could or would, doesn't have the social structure or knowledge to navigate it (the college process). The conversations with the U of Chicago admissions folk have been the most fascinating scenes to me so far in the series.

I'm really surprised how quickly some storylines are developing (the relationship between ka$h and Ian; Ian's relationship with that one other teen whose name escapes me at the moment;) and some (whether Fiona will find out about Jimmy/Steve's double life and her reaction) are coming to a climax pretty soon. I'm intrigued to see what season 2 and beyond brings.
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