The Sandbaggers: It Couldn't Happen Here
May 15, 2016 7:44 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Could it? An American senator is murdered. Ross believes it was done by reactionaries in the FBI. There may not be any evidence, but it does seem odd that the Secret Service doesn’t seem to trust the FBI either. Events in West Germany reveal there may be a cabinet minister who has been giving information to the USSR.
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I'd never seen this episode before and I was sure I'd seen all of them. The conspiracy paranoia was everywhere, even the urbane Wellingham is caught up in it.

And C leaving, which I remembered as being strung out through a couple episodes with Peele taking charge. Richard Vernon completely inhabited that role.
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It is utterly fascinating to see a show like this tackle a subject I'm familiar with but only at quite a remove. The closer perspective is relatively enlightening, as you get to see people who are decidedly not nutjobs go over traditional (or subsequently) nutjob territory.

That Senator was a real dick to Willie. You can't put in a good word with his boss if you're dead, asshole!
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