Silicon Valley: Maleant Data Systems Solutions
May 16, 2016 2:38 AM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The Battle of Jack and the Box continues. Gavin and Big Head both make moves. Rats.
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I just learned that the actor who plays Laurie was also the "yadda yadda" woman from Seinfeld.

Lots of great lines in this episode!
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Richard had a win. Then he didn't. Then he did.

$20,036,000 capitalisation - yeah that should work.
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I loved how effortlessly Denpok got back into Gavin's good graces.

On the other hand, it was weird how massively dickish Jack was in that board meeting, considering how good he's been previously at playing people.
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He's been on a losing streak over the last couple of episodes- getting his terrible deal shot down (well, terrible for anybody not looking to make a quick buck and get out) was simply the last straw.

Remember Russ Hanneman? "I don't want to make a little bit of money every day, I want to make a fuckton all at once." While they're pretty different people, it's in this regard that they're the same under it all- they're both looking for a quick, big payday and an exit rather than a sustainable business.
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I really enjoyed Gavin's speech on the evils of inbreeding (illustrated by a bulldog in a rollie chair), followed by the unveiling of the Endframe team, which, of course, consists of his Nucleus team members that he just fired but does not recognize.
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Hooli was really funny this episode. The bulldog was funny enough, but Gavin insisting that it be wheeled back out to drive home his point was perfect. As was the all-new, bold, totally outsider middle-out compression company made up of Nucleus engineers.

I really wish the previews hadn't spoiled the physical comedy of Richard leaning over Jack's desk. That was fantastic, and I wish I hadn't already seen it in commercials.
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If the complete series DVD set includes a Big Head-only cut, I'm buying it at any price.
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Given Jack's departure is PP now just a platform company or is it a box producer as well? Does it make sense to continue both lines of business (quick box sales for cash flow until the platform takes off and can be monetized) or does Laurie's dismissal of Jack include the dismissal of all his ideas as well?
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Also, can I just say how much I've enjoyed the prosaic treatment of the box? There hasn't been a name, the designer's final version was like a single step better than the first one, and even Jack didn't seem actually enthused about the thing -- it was just a way to make some money and drive up the value of the company.
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Oh my god I couldn't hold it together at that poor cute little bulldog.
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You mean nature's cruelest mistake?
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I worked on a high performance compression "box" for a couple years and the brief screenshot in this episode could have been straight out of our product!
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I have never seen my opinion about Bulldogs ever represented anywhere so that was a treat.

Richard's awesome head bonk cracked me up pretty good. This is why I don't watch the previews.
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Also I do design although not hardware design that scene was hilarious. "You are ridiculous and this doesn't matter at all! Don't you get it, you fool?"...."Why isn't what you designed the Sistine Chapel??!!"
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Guys what if Gavin hires Jack
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Having been in startups, the outspoken CEO aggressively pushing people towards his dubious vision, then suddenly gone without warning ... Yeah basically felt very real.

And I am not a bulldog fan but that one was pretty adorable and every time he said something mean about it my wife and I were like "awwwwww!". So I guess I've gained sympathy for bulldogs.

Ehrlich coughing through that whole phone call scene near the end ... Funny then super annoying even just ridiculously funny.
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One thing I'm surprised Gavin didn't point out about bulldogs -- they're so deformed that the vast majority of litters are born via C-section because their heads can't fit through the birth canal anymore.
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So there was no elaborate Meinertzhagen's Haversack plan? Richard was actually that stupid.
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Or maybe Jared knew about the Endframe buy. The very last shot of this series will be Jared sitting at his desk, CEO of the newly combined HooliPiper Enterprises, nodding as he reflects back on how his master plan worked so perfectly.
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> So there was no elaborate Meinertzhagen's Haversack plan? Richard was actually that stupid.

I think Mike Judge haversacked us.
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Ehrlich coughing through that whole phone call scene near the end

I was practically squealing in delight; it's one part the Sideshow Bob rake gag from The Simpsons and one part every-scene-where-someone-says "The key to all your problems is bzzzzz grngrngrrrnngrn bzzzzzz."

My partner was about to leap of the couch and strangle the nearest thing that looked like T.J. Miller. Our poor mop. Never had a chance.
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> Ehrlich coughing

someone get that guy a vaporizer, jeez!
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Tbh Ehrlich not using a vape seems kind of anachronistic...
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