Welcome to Night Vale: 88 - Things Fall Apart
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Night Vale is inundated with the Strangers Who Do Not Appear to Move, the city’s infrastructure is crumbling, the power is out at the station, and Cecil cannot broadcast his show. So instead, he makes a few phone calls.
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So the farmer went off and changed time and turned into a pharmacist? Also did Cecil's last name change or has the voice actor's last name always been different than the show's character?

LOVED Maureen's voicemail.
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CMcG - Cecil the actor and Cecil the character only share the same first name.
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IIRC we learned his full name (Cecil Gershwin Palmer) in the "Cassettes" episode, in one of the tapes apparently recorded by his teenage self.

So the ominous dog is literally a hound of hell? Interesting.
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Phone Line: You pressed 4. I didn’t give you an option 4, you just assumed the next number and then cut me off mid-sentence.

Cecil: Oh, good God!

Why hello, me on the phone with Verizon! Seriously, I love the phone tree episodes so dang much.

All operators are currently

Male phone voice: shouldering the immense burden

Maggie: of

Male phone voice: societal displeasure.

Maggie: Please continue to hold. Current wait time is

Male phone voice: super long.

I can't stop laughing!!!!!

So the farmer went off and changed time and turned into a pharmacist?

I think they are different people, John Peters (you know, the farmer), has an S at the end of his last name, while John Peter (you know, the pharmacist) does not.
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Such a strange episode. No weather and instead there's some weird thing called a "song".
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What was that after the credits...
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