Legends of Tomorrow: Legendary
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Rip decides the team has sacrificed enough and returns its members to Central City to pursue their own destinies; Sara receives devastating news from her father. (Season finale)

*The team kills Savage simultaneously in three different time periods, to make up for all their failed attempts.
*Rip nearly sacrifices his life (and Gideon's) to fly the Thenagarian meteor into the sun, but after a vision of his wife and son realizes he can just chuck the meteor in and not the whole ship.
*Snart (and Laurel) stay dead.
*Everybody signs on for another tour on the Waverider fighting time shenanigans, except for the Hawks who are going to stay in 2016 and try to enjoy some domestic bliss.
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My recording chopped off the very end - just as the mystery man was starting to answer Rory's "Say's who?". So, who was he? Rip's son from the future, I'm guessing?

My favorite moment from the finale may have been the closed captioning on the explosion of the miniaturized meteorite "[poof]". (Ok, no, favorite was probably seeing Snart again, but that little lowercase 'poof' made me giggle.)
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"Says the Justice League of America."
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Future Guy also introduced himself as Rex Tyler, who I had to Google - everything I know about comic books is pop culture osmosis. I thought what I found was interesting though.

* No more Vandal Savage or hawkpeople! Please be a permanent development, show!

* Rip ditching everyone was pretty bad, but I'm willing to give him some points for disposing of the meteor.

* I appreciated that two out of three Vandals were disposed of by women.

* Vandal's plan was very Doctor Who, but I finally mean that in a good way - I liked that he was willing to try something so completely nuts, and I appreciate that his own overreach was what finally rendered him vulnerable to physical attack.

* I liked Stein's intervention.

* I'm a little concerned about how super overpowered Thanagarian tech is, as presently displayed.
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Rip: "I flew it into the heart of the sun. "
Jax: "You coulda been Killed"
Mick: "Shoulda been!"

Mick is right, Rip should have been killed.
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Future Guy also introduced himself as Rex Tyler, who I had to Google

Please.... Hourman. It was so obvious! You should feel bad.

Or, as someone who knew who Rex was:
Why would you end like that?
Sure, I think TylerCo has been an easter egg somewhere, WTF?

Also, where were Ma Hunkle and Wesley Dodds?

I assume that was Sgt Rock, who died like a bitch.

Savage turned out to be really easy to defeat in a fight (his immortality aside).\

* Vandal's plan was very Doctor Who,

Nah, Dr Who has a kind of logic.
This, not so much. This was RTD end-of-season bad.

I have a bad, bad, bad feeling about Thanagar. I mean, what, they shoot missiles at random planets and wait 5000 years for something? What was Thanagar like 5000 years ago? Will we get Adam Strange?

No doubt, I am almost but not hate-watching this show.
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I realize this is from a different mythology/entity, but I was disappointed we got through an entire season without anyone saying at some point: "Hawkman... DIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!"
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At first I didn't understand how Vandal Savage's plan to Do Things with the meteors at three different points in history simultaneously(?!) made any sense, but then I remembered that Captain Picard basically did the same thing by scanning the anti-time anomaly with a tachyon pulse on three different Enterprises at three different points in time in "All Good Things..." episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and I found it easier to accept.

So, basically, what I'm getting at is that Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow was a test by the Q Continuum. We made it through it. We passed! See you... out there!
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I'm trying not to read the comments as I haven't see the episode yet (as per usual) but I had to pop on with this wonderful news: Ba'rista is gone!

Apparently the new addition will be announced later today, although any speculation about GLs and Alan Scott have has been completely shut down (not that I was heading in that direction).
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although any speculation about GLs and Alan Scott have has been completely shut down (not that I was heading in that direction).

Add a white male (straight or "new fashion")?
Seems unlikely.

It'll be Vixen.
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Well if they're tiiiiime traveling, then how about anyone from the Legion? Or if we're dealing with the Justice Society, hasn't Arrow been laying the groundwork for Mister Terrific?
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Apparently the new addition will be announced later today
Booster Gold. Booster Gold. Booster Gold. BOOSTER GOLD.
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Nah, he's getting his own movie (see link in last episode's Legends thread).
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I don't care how cheesy and ridiculous this show is, I will never stop crying over Len and Mick and their faces as Mick goes to see Len one last time to tell him he's Mick's hero.

What a goddamn gift Wentworth Miller & Dominic Purcell & their preexisting bond are to this series.
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I've been wondering about Ma's whereabouts for the past couple of episodes. They made such a big deal about her, and then nothing? Maybe she was a background character nobody noticed. I even went back and checked IMDB to make sure they didn't just slap her name on Old Kendra during the Old West episode, but that doesn't appear to be the case. And yeah, if that was Rock who met his end this episode, I'm very disappointed.

I have so little to say about the plot and the plan and the resolution other than none of it made any sense to me, not the Thanagarian technology bit, not the turning Savage mortal bit, not the being unable to save Laurel bit, nothing, but that's fine. This whole season made so little sense that I'm just willing to let it slide since they've decided to hit the big red reset button.

I'm behind in my Suits viewing (I figure I'll catch up on the last half of the last season this summer) but I'm not sure how I feel about Mike Ross joining the team, although if it eventually leads to the fan-service of giving us square-jawed Harvey Specter in a super suit and some sort of cowl--maybe as the original Wildcat or Star Man--I might be assuaged. Still, the JSA, that's an interesting development. So far we've had no indication in the Arrowverse that heroes really existed before Oliver and friends* came upon the scene, so there is no evidence the JSA was around during the 40s and 50s, but with time being out-of-whack, I guess they could have emerged. Or is the show positioning the team to be from the current or future timeline? (If it's the latter, they should have used Legion personnel.) It's funny but it's always the potential of this show and the speculation about what's possible that has me more interested than the actual episodes.

Like usual (since the death of Snart) Mick was the MVP of the episode. Between Miller and Purcell, I'm almost tempted to check out the Prison Break reboot. I only made it partway through the first season of the original, but the trailer doesn't look completely terrible--or maybe I'm just looking at it through Legends-tinted spectacles.

It has been fun bitching with you guys about Legends, as nobody else I know is current with the show. Looking forward to picking up again with everybody next season.

*For those not watching Arrow, that series has a Wildcat who retired a few years before Oliver picked up his bow. He's the one who partially trained Laurel.
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Any and all characters announced or being considered for use in the DC Extended Universe (movies) are basically off-limits for use in the CW Arrowverse. Barry Allen / The Flash was grandfathered in because he's the lead of a popular show that existed (barely) before Flash was announced for the Justice League movie. All the other previously-introduced Arrowverse characters now wanted for the DCEU are being killed off, changed to different characters, or simply disappeared: Deadshot, Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, Captain Boomerang, etc.

So you should NOT hope to see future Arrowverse appearances from at least these characters or character franchises: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, all the Green Lanterns, Booster Gold, Aquaman, Cyborg, Shazam / Captain Marvel, Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, and beyond.

The addition of Supergirl to the CW superhero lineup is going to be interesting, because right now she exists in a different universe than Flarrow, and her universe has a Superman who is not the DCEU Superman. So is CW Supergirl going to be barred from introducing new Superman characters, or will her universe get sucked sans Superman into the Arrowverse, or what?

TL;DR expect the Legends JSA to contain lots of obscure / offbeat DC characters (like Hourman) because the DCEU has snapped up the most famous ones.
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So, basically, what I'm getting at is that Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow was a test by the Q Continuum. We made it through it. We passed!

You just don't get it, do you, Jean-Luc? The trial never ends.
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Marc Guggenheim talks about the threats the team will face in season two—and it won’t be the heavily-teased Thanagarians. (Link goes to io9 Morning Spoilers, which puts The Dark Tower one out there, if you're trying to avoid that.)
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I just want to say unequivocally that was NOT Sgt. Rock. That may have been Ice Cream Soldier or somebody, I don't know. But you can't kill Sgt. Rock with a friggin' steak knife. Sgt. Rock's whole deal is he gets the shit kicked out of him but he never stays down. Do you really think you're gonna kill this dude with a thrown knife to the chest? You try, you better hope he sees the humor in it, I'll tell you what.
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I just want to say unequivocally that was NOT Sgt. Rock.

Well what was up with those teasers?
Riddle me that!
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Pretty sure the Riddler is off limits too
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Apropos nothing, my dream DC show is Legion of Superheroes, with each season following the newest recruits as they inducted and trained, with previous "cadets" showing up intermittently.
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Well, that was less bad than I was expecting this to be.

I better get me some Snart with Oculus time powers wandering through space periodically.

Glad the terrible Savage/Hawks plot is gone. From the CBR link: "When we got to Hawkman and Hawkgirl, we had trouble coming up with stories. " Noooo kidding.
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So, I finally caught up with the whole first season. I didn't hate Rip as much as most people, I think the writers literally tried to put too much personality into him and got a convoluted mess of a person with no clear values or morals, but I saw him as someone whose only recourse was reacting to things because family and history, but even those seemed to be on edge. Aaaand then he finally got his shit together after being told your whole life was planned.

Oh yeah, I just can't see Mike from Suits as a superhero.
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On a related note: Story Teams with Jenny Crusie mentions Legends...and the flaws.
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Jenfullmoon, I think you should repost that link in the current week's Legends thread and flag this & your comment for deletion, the article has S2 spoilers.
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Hi it's me again, the time traveler from the future. Who's now made it all through Season 1 and is wondering why he bothered.

So the strength of this show is the ensemble cast. Particularly Sarah and Snart and Mick, they are terrific. Removing Snart this season seems like an enormous mistake, he's literally the best thing about the show. I also like Jackson and Martin. We're all grateful to see the Hawk Couple fly away forever. If only they could get rid of nebbishy Atom and replace him with a character with some spine. (Seriously, he let Vandal out of the cage. He is the worst, and I mean worse than Rip.)

But the real problem with this season is that Vandal Savage is terrible. The character is badly written, he's basically immortal time traveling Hitler with nothing else going on. It's astonishing to think this was filmed the same year as the Damian Dhark season of Arrow, that villain was so great. My only thought is the writers were so busy establishing the hero characters they couldn't leave any room for a charismatic villain, too.

I started my back-in-time adventure watching Legends because I saw a crossover episode of Season 3 with them that seemed really fun and goofy. But 16 hours of season 1 had only one hour of fun and goofy, 5 hours of OK adventure, and 10 hours of tedium. Hoping season 2 is more fun.
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