Heist Movie Club starts with breakfast
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Heist Movie Club debuts with 1992's Reservoir Dogs.

The FanFare post drops May 29—who'd suspect a jewelry store heist over Memorial Day weekend? In the meantime, if you want to talk business with other pros, there's a philosophical discussion over here. No last names, please.
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For those of you in the LA area, the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood is showing the film every Friday night at midnight through June. See it on a big screen with like-minded folks!
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Let's get to work.
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I'm gonna do Rififi if that's all right? I'm working through the 50s this month, so thought I'd go with that one instead of maybe The Killing or The Asphalt Jungle. I'll keep to the calendar of once a week and post it for the 27th.
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MoonOrb, that is excellent! I'll add it to the club calendar (if it's not already there).
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