Arrow: Lost in the Flood
May 25, 2016 10:15 AM - Season 4, Episode 22 - Subscribe

Following the shocking events in the previous episode, Oliver and Diggle race to rescue Thea, while Felicity, Curtis and Noah join together to stop Darhk.

In this special episode of Parenthood, entitled "She's Stronger Than You Think":

Felicity is wallowing at her part in the deaths of tens of thousands, to save millions, as Noah, her estranged criminal dad, tries to pull her out of it with an important task: to continue disabling Rubicon before Darhk regains access. Donna gets a surprise when she finds Felicity being helped by Noah. Unnerved after a heated argument with him, she retreats to Felicity's room (which I thought was not her place anymore since she split up with Ollie) to badly fold clothes. Felicity confronts her about one thing she said during the argument: why Noah said he had no choice in leaving. Donna admits that he wasn't the one that left, that she was the one that took Felicity and ran, before Noah's inevitable relapse into criminal life could affect their daughter. Understandable, Felicity forgives her. After they saved the day, Donna pulled herself together and told Noah to leave, and that Felicity might be upset, but she's strong and she'll get over it now, rather than having her heart broken later when Noah eventually turns dark again. Noah concedes, which means he probably knows himself pretty well, Mr. Calculator.

Under the city, in Tevat Noah (seriously, too many Noah's in this episode), Malcolm, doing his best impression of having a prosthetic left hand, confronts Thea about letting Machin escape (momentarily after she managed to send a text to team Arrow for rescue from Alex's phone). He puts her in timeout for her failure, and berates her about not causing anymore trouble, before he has to do something he doesn't like. Thea basically dares him, as any willful daughter would, and he forces her to take a yellow pill. When her brother Oliver shows up to rescue her, she attacks him instead, springing a trap on him and John. They manage to escape but gets hunted down by Thea and Malcolm. As John Oliver (*snickers*) hides out in a random house, the family that lives there confront them. The father tells them they haven't taken the pill, only swallowing Darhk's koolaid, because they need hope. Thea catches up to them, and as she gets the upper hand since she's fighting to kill and Oliver wasn't, he talks her down, telling her to reach deep and be strong and overcome the pill, which should be easy enough since she's only taken one, unlike the many that John's brother Andy took and was too far gone. As Malcolm pins down John, he gets ambushed by Thea, back to her normal self, with Oliver telling him that she's stronger than he thinks.

Machin manages to occupy the command center and ties up Ruve and Nora (the Darhk daughter). He has plans to kill either them or Damien and blow up Tevat Noah. The team rushes in to save everyone while Malcolm leads an evacuation, because Damien Darhk is just the worst father/husband. During the fight, a stray arrow ruptures a tank that has no business sitting around a command center and sets off a chain reaction that really shouldn't have happened to a place designed to withstand nuclear bombs. Ruve gets stabbed by Machin with an arrow he pulled out of himself, very Damien & Laurel style. In her dying breath, with her last strength she asks Oliver to keep her daughter safe.

Oh and Taiana in the flashbacks is getting crazy strong from the idol and all the death around them. The episode left her and past-Oliver facing off Reiter, also running on idol juice.

All snark aside, I actually really liked this episode, which dealt with some very real human emotions with mostly realistic resolutions. I wanted to leap into the screen and fist pound Felicity and Curtis. Thea overcoming the pill is a bit hand-wavy, but based off of Andy it's believable enough.

From the preview: So like every season finale is just the city in chaos? Hmm.
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I enjoyed Mr. Terrific in this one, though I thought both he and her mom were insane to be all "She's pregnant!" when they know she broke it off with Oliver like, months ago. Also, didn't he just hand her beer previously?

I still wonder how you build an entire underground city for years without anyone uh, noticing.
posted by jenfullmoon at 9:43 AM on June 13, 2016

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