Dance Academy: One Perfect Day
May 30, 2016 5:44 AM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

It's all about control.

So, I was posting less often because I wasn't sure if there was still any interest, but it occurred to me maybe there was less interest because I was posting less often. Anyway, I'll post every 1-2 days from now on.

Abigail's 11-year-old sister Paige comes to visit for the weekend, and Abigail plans a full schedule of Pilates classes and tours of the opera house. Paige wants to go to Luna Park, because she's 11.

Ethan is getting mentored by Big Famous Choreographer, recruits Tara because of her spontaneity, then tries to puppeteer her and, when Choreographer explains why that won't work, he tries to save face by hitting on her.

Unusually, Tara is the most socially adept character in this episode.
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It was nice to get to see a different side of Abigail through her sister.

Not sure I like the Ethan / Tara pairing, and can't see this ending well. She seems so much younger than him, and he doesn't have a good track record.
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