The Bachelorette: Week 2
June 1, 2016 2:39 PM - Season 12, Episode 2 - Subscribe

This episode features a fire fighter challenge, an ESPN challenge, a choose your own adventure date, and so much Chad.
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YES I kept thinking of posting the bachelorette to metafilter, and I kept forgetting.

I think at this point I am Team Luke, but I don't know that he will actually win it. I like JoJo a lot but goddamn I can't believe she put up with the "nag" comment. boo hiss.

I was pro all the meat-eating that happened in this episode. Alex seemed like he was overreacting a bit.
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Chad: He Has The Meats.

The previews for next week are calling the episode Chad-Maggedon. He's obvs been cast as The Villian although I'm sure he is also probably also a bit of an a-hole in real life. Every season the The Bachelorette has an asshole with anger and ego issues, and every season of The Bachelor has a crazy woman with jealousy issues who attaches way too soon. I think the lead is encouraged to keep the outlier for as long as they can stand it; it definitely helps with the ratings. I was looking at his instagram and by the time I got to the end (the beginning) with all of the photos of him with the pup he inherited from his recently-passed away mom, I had some feels for Chad, not gonna lie.

I cop to reading Reality Steve, who has spoiled this season with the winner (I assume he is right, he usually is), so I know who it is. I'm still watching for the drama. And the meat.
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Also I loved when the rose ceremony began, and they cut after each name was called to Chad insulting them. Short guy. Another short guy. I was really hoping he would do that for each guy that got a rose, but alas.
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I only "watch" this show by listening to Rose Buddies. Chad seems like a right pillock.
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Chad may just be a villain, but he may just be the perfect reality show villain.
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