Archer: Diversity Hire
June 5, 2016 4:49 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

A series of blown covers means ISIS needs to hire a new agent; preferably a minority in order to qualify for tax credits. Archer believes the impressively check off diversity hire is too good to be true.

Introduction of the Danger Zone running reference.
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Maybe this is every episode but first time I've noticed the Easter Island head on the shelving behind Mallory's desk or what appears to be a set of polyhedral dice on Pam's desk.
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I still laugh and laugh about Cheryl and the laundry pen.
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Stern is incorrect in calling Lana a quadroon.
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The way the show is racist, sexist, ageist and pretty much any other 'ist' is disturbing genius. l
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The way the show is racist, sexist, ageist and pretty much any other 'ist' is disturbing genius. l

So, legit question for the room: Is the show those things, or does the show merely have people who are those things on it? I feel like all of the various -isms shown by the characters are more or less immediately deflated by the world.
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I dunno, I struggle with it sometimes, particularly watching these early episodes. The later seasons seem to go slowly more enlightened, for lack of a better word, while still retaining a bit of an edge. Though the cracks about Pam's weight do still seem to be thing, though lesser in number.

But overall, I'd say it's the show having people who say these things, so it can have its cake and eat to on the comedic level. Which I don't mind most of the time, but yeah, sometimes it's like WHOA.
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The -ists... most of the time I feel that they do a fantastic job of calling stuff out by throwing it out there to be examined.

Other than for Archer's cognitive dissonance about ladyboys, I think that the series does an ok-enough job. It's probably the diverse audience who might not appreciate that aspect.
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