Arrested Development: Whistler's Mother   Rewatch 
September 1, 2014 2:13 PM - Season 1, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Some of the Bluth company's money is unfrozen and everyone wants a piece, leaving Michael to decide where to spend it while dealing with a difficult board member. George Michael and Maeby investigate a mysterious figure, Lindsay protests the war, GOB and Tobias ponder business opportunities.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vandenbosch is still missing.
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I've made a huge mistake.

I love this exchange between GOB and his wife:
Wife: I'm in love with your brother-in-law.
GOB : You're in love with your own brother? The one in the army?
Wife: No, your sister's husband.
GOB : Michael? Michael!
Wife: No, that's your sister's brother.
GOB : No, I'm my sister's brother. You're in love with me. Me!
Wife: I'm in love with Tobias.
GOB : My brother-in-law?
Wife: I know it can never be, so I'm leaving. I'm enlisting in the army.
GOB : To be with your brother?
Wife: No!
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The typo is fixed thanks to mod intervention! I cannot tell you how much that has weighed on me.
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