Supernatural: Stairway to Heaven
May 14, 2014 7:26 AM - Season 9, Episode 22 - Subscribe

More angel politics, more debate over a knife that kills everything, and bowling. Also Monopoly. All of these things are more enjoyable drunk, much like this episode.

AV Club review is a C+.
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Still always happy when Misha Collins is on screen. I'm coming to like Gadreel a lot more the more I think of him as a powerful but completely guileless angel incapable of understanding deception.

"But the serpent *said* that he had only good intentions in the garden! I would not have let him in if he had *bad* intentions. I do not understand how I did anything wrong."
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I was initially pleased by the crazy Dean murder in the last scene - how great if Dean turned into an avenging instrument of wrath and slaughtered anything tainted so they had to keep him contained?

Then someone pointed out that Gadreel is sliced, not stabbed and with Castiel's grace in trouble, it'll turn out to be a weird transfusion thing only.

I did like Metatron's preening inside the Castiel overcoat duplicate.
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I'm coming to like Gadreel a lot more the more I think of him as a powerful but completely guileless angel incapable of understanding deception.

For some reason, he reminds me of Sam the Eagle.
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I did like Metatron's preening inside the Castiel overcoat duplicate.

Huh I thought that was Dean's jacket. I'll have to go back and look.

I liked this episode much better then the many that came before it. Dean is off his rocker but I think we knew that was going to happen.

I also think that Gadreel's slice means that Cas' stolen Grace gets recharged.
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I... I honestly don't know. There's lots to like about the show, but I can't figure out how they can still be on the air with a writing staff that year after year manages to set up a great arc for a season, then fuck around with pointless dead ends, one-offs or just general bad ideas for 15 episodes, and then cram a year's worth of plot that _might_ make sense in terms of character development or just general behaviour in a frenzied panic of flopsweat into the last three episodes. Every season since Kripke left.

It's just honestly bizarre, like watching a high-school student with a decent head on their shoulders cram for the final, but never learning that maybe cracking a book earlier than 3 a.m. on test day is a strategy that could pay off.
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Shepard, absolutely. They could have, should have had Dean fighting against his urge to MURDER ALL THE THINGS from the moment he got the Mark of Cain. Instead, we only see it get out of control when it's narratively convenient.

But that has always been my gripe with the show, no continuity or consistency of motivation if it furthers the plot to throw out previous lore. Many times it's so lazy, that the husband and I end up talking about how they could have achieved the same exact story with minor, obvious changes to the rule breaking episode. I mean, is it that damn hard?

I thought this season started out strong with some neat ideas that they just let die on the vine or rushed through with little payoff. (Abadon's death, the invisible fortress, etc...) I realize it's not over, but I can't see how the finale is going to improve things.

But you're right, it's been that way for a while now. I was sure season 7 would be a take on Cthulhu lore and turned into the lamest bad guys ever. I stopped watching season 7 and only went back earlier this year finishing 7 and 8 over about 2 months before getting caught up on 9. All neat ideas that are pretty poorly executed.

(and yet, I watching and will probably be joyous about season 10).
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I also have to say this because Fanfare didn't exist before.. Is Dean the most unloyal shit ever? He talks about loyalty but bails on nearly everyone when they need him except Sam. I'd love to argue it was an intentional choice, but I think it's lazy writing again. Benny is just one on the list. Even Cas when he was human (I'm certain he could have helped within the bounds of Gladriel's request to not have Cas around.) I would not for a moment trust him knowing his history.

/random gripe
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Oh yes, Dean is such an asshole. He's all messed up and broken understandably, but he's also an asshole with charisma. The whole Cas-as-human subplot was such a waste of potential, and Dead with all his fake IDs and tricks couldn't have organised some help for him?
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Yeah, Dean is like someone in a cult or a shitty relationship. No matter how much healthier his relationships are with other people he always abandons them and goes running back the second Sam calls him. And Sam has never once been "maybe I can figure this out on my own and not bother my brother" in his life, ever.

I've been re-watching some of the early season episodes on Netflix lately with a friend who just got into the show and I'd kind of forgotten how good some of the season 1 stuff is, even. We just watched the faith healer episode and it's very good and dark and weird.

This season I've turned off a bunch of episodes halfway through or not bothered to watch them. I thought this one was kind of OK, relatively, since something actually happened and it was remotely congruent with other things that have happened. I don't mind ridiculous plots (I watch Justified and love every implausible minute of it) but I can't get past a) the re-writing/ ignoring of everything that was established during the previous 400 episodes and b) how one note all the characters are now. That was kind of the fun of the show, the characters were totally normal humans in the middle of all the weird X-files stuff. Everyone was Scully, they reacted to things like normal skeptical people. Now everyone is Juno and it's all quips and it's kind of lame.

I'm kind of hoping the seasons finale kills Cas, Crowley, Metatron, all the drone angels and the bunker is destroyed in some kind of freak accident that also takes out most of the writing team and causes Sam to suffer a head injury that makes him able to make decisions on his own. I think that would vastly improve Season 10.

I might be a little cranky because they canceled Trophy Wife, which was the only other show I've been watching this year since they canceled Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. I'm going to have to go back to reading books.
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