Orange Is the New Black: Work That Body For Me
June 18, 2016 7:57 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The inmates return from a field trip, the newbs suss out the power structure, and Alex does some gardening.
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I liked this episode quite a lot, and I thought it wrapped up last season's loose ends in a way that made sense to me. There are signs that hopefully this season will be better than the last.

I particularly loved the conversation amongst the black inmates and Soso about racism, including Watson's nod to academia's now preferred definition of racism to require power, and the response that to be racist is to be American.

I am also so hopeful for Suzanne, who it seems has turned a corner, and her relationship with Tastee. And Poussey's face about Judy!

So many things to like in this episode.
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I totally forgot how much of a prick Piper is.
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I'm completely here for Piper embracing her awful nature, her upper middle class niceness always felt like a cover anyway. She's so much more authentic when she's being a prick.
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I was hopeful that the contaminated water would lead to a bit of a subplot but was disappointed.
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Murder math!
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Like Daya's pregnancy, Piper's sentence seems to be neverending. Her release date has to be coming up soon, doesn't it? In lieu of that, I can't wait for her thin 'gangsta' shell to get torn the fuck apart by the new girls coming in.
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I think what I liked about this episode was the lack of flashbacks. It's all focused on wrapping up last season's finale and setting up the season.
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Can I just say that I love Lori Petty and Lolly is just the best?

Also, Chang and the long shower. ;)

Piper, you poor, misguided fool.
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I generally love the flashbacks. It helps give more depth to the characters. That said, I think the ones where they have the actor made-up to play way younger just never work. Caputo's backstory last season was especially bad, makeup-wise.

At the end of last season, I assumed Lolly would come to Alex's rescue. Glad that worked out. Lolly's a hoot.

I can't say I'm too pleased with the overcrowding plotline for this season. It feels contrived to me. Not that overcrowding isn't a serious issue with prisons, of course, and OitNB is a great opportunity to,address the problem. But, to have this massive wave of new inmates arrive all on one day? I dunno.

As for Piper...I don't see good things for her this season. I fear a smackdown is headed her way.

Anyone know if Nicky will be returning? The character was only in three episodes last season.
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I wondered about Nicky, too. Natasha Lyonne was still listed in the credits, so I'm hopeful. I'm only a couple of episodes in so far, but fingers crossed!
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I thought season 3 was dull, but with this episode, Orange may have gotten its mojo back. I don't think the previous season would have been able to extract so much humor from hiding a dead body.
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> I can't say I'm too pleased with the overcrowding plotline for this season. It feels contrived to me.

Huh. It seems like the most actually-realistic thing they've done in ages to me.

I am already annoyed by Piper's gangsta bullshit, but also dreading having to endure her eventual emotional breakdown which will follow whatever the other inmates do to her to disavow her of her fantasies.
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Huh. It seems like the most actually-realistic thing they've done in ages to me.

Overcrowding, sure. Absolutely. I was speaking to the way it happened. Doubling the prison population in one day, without notifying the staff? That's the part that feels contrived for the sake of drama. That's all.
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I loathe and despise Piper and I want to see her get frog-marched off to SuperMax. Christ Almighty she's one obnoxious little shit.
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I don't know. I think they've sort of gone back and forth on whether we're supposed to think Piper is awful or sympathize with her, and this season they've basically just decided to go with her being the worst person in the world. She's stupid, evil, and too caught up in her self-serving narrative to realize that she's either, and I much prefer it that way.
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Just wondering if there's a consensus on speed for posting other episodes; I'm moving through the season like a house on fire and think it's a big step up from Three. Looking forward to discussing it!
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YES! I am done my binge watch and ready to discuss the last two episodes. And I don't remember which episode was which well enough to trust myself to comment on earlier episodes without causing spoilers.
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Maybe a full-season thread? I think I'm going to finish it tomorrow.
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I'd be perfectly happy to see the show go on without Piper. She should be getting out soon, shouldn't she?
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Maybe a full-season thread?

Yes, please!
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This show, y'all. Is it unselfconsciously problematic at times? Yes. Is it uneven? Yeah, definitely, a little. But all around I can't help feeling like it's one of the best shows being made right now.

Re Piper-- tone-wise, OITNB is almost like a couple of different shows running in tandem, and once they ran out of things to do with Piper's actual plot I feel like they sent her over full-time to the Wacky Prison Hijinx Hour, which is where a few other characters like Cindy, Wang, and Lolly also live. I actually think all of those actors do an impressive job with what they're given, but man, the writing on this show is really at its worst when it goes for broad, situational comedy (on the other hand, when the humor is less zany and more observational, it's some of the funniest shit around).
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Count me in as another one who would love a full-season thread.
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My vote for a full season thread cause yeah it's like at least three shows running in tandem
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I went ahead and did a full season post here.
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That was a very a satisfying use of Last Resort
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