Cleverman: Sun and Moon
July 8, 2016 12:07 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The Hairies are blamed for the continuing deaths. As tensions mount, Waruu demands Koen use his Cleverman powers to halt the murders.

Wow, so Jarrod definitely has some kind of trick he's playing against the people of the Zone, and especially the Hairies. I suppose he was working with uncle Jimmy on some kind of a taste of some power, and now he's trying to get that same power from Hairies.

What the hell did Kora get Koen's hands to do to Ash?? Was she trying to use his powers to heal her and messed up and now she's disintegrating? That was freaky! I'm glad McIntyre is dead though, dude was way out of control for someone in that position of power.

The Hairy sex slave bit was so hard to watch. And of course that fucking anti-Hairy minister is all up in that. It's cliche, but really fucking reflective of real life.
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