Cleverman: A Man of Vision
July 9, 2016 8:54 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Charlotte agrees to one last attempt at IVF at a clinic offering new technology; Slade offers Waruu a tempting deal.

*Koen, Blair, and Cora collect Ash's ashes from the bar and drive to the Zone.
*Waruu and Koen come to blows over a bonfire after a failed attempt to lure the heart-ripping creature in to be killed.
*Waruu's wife finds the camera with the footage of him killing the prison guard.
*Slade's mercenary(McIntyre?) tells the politician how he staged the scene of the crime to place the blame on the Hairies
*Koen tells Aunty Linda how he betrayed the Hairy family; then finds some absolution when he used his abilities to perform a smoking ceremony over a young sick boy, allowing the dead girl's spirit to pass on.
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(just finally getting to watching these last two episodes this morning, will post the finale thread in an hour or two if nobody else does it first)
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This show... Everyone's just so damaged and they all have their own problems. I'm running out of people to genuinely root for. Right now it's basically all the women in the Zone that deserve praise.

At least Koen is seeking forgiveness and is coming around to actually being a Cleverman.
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