BoJack Horseman: BoJack Kills
July 24, 2016 7:11 AM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Bojack is framed for a murder. Meanwhile, Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter are sprayed by a skunk.
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The episodes that deal with real-world animal rights stuff are really creepy and disturbing to me. In a good way, but in a "Yeah, I sure couldn't take a whole season of this" way.
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So, i've watched the whole series, and I'm afraid to comment on individual episodes since there's so much backreference and future things.
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Yeah lkc, I binged through it and will be revisiting each episode in more detail.

Without spoiler blackouts like at mefightclub and other places, I'm wondering if netflix-all-released-at-once shows could benefit from being separated into First Watch/Binge Rewatch threads?
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I binged the first 7 episodes so I can't remember a lot of the specific jokes this episode, but I do remember most of the plot and there's some very interesting stuff this episode. You got Goober (already forgot his real name) as another Hollywoo cautionary tale. A tertiary recurring actor on a sitcom who never had another break and had to do something else since he never had the kind of money and fame BoJack had. Kind of reminded me of Screech (Dustin Diamond) from Saved by the Bell. Then you have the 'family establishment' that may be a take on places like Hooters combined with Sea World ala Blackfish. I think they even did a play on words of the show Blackish: Blackfishish at one point to help make the connection although I missed it at the time.
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I like how the description to this episode reads like a STTNG Season 8 joke with the names changed.
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One thing that I thought was pretty cool was that when they were on the trail of the "killer", they were following a white rabbit. That's a reference to Alice in Wonderland, and also a reference to the Jefferson Airplane song (which is largely about experimenting with drugs).
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The episodes that deal with real-world animal rights stuff are really creepy and disturbing to me.

Not to mention that every so often they veer hard into reminders that Mr. Peanutbutter is a dog! and Princess Caroline is a cat! which can be cute (like with the whole "I just took a tomato-juice bath and now I reeeeeally need to shake!" bit here in the skunk B-plot), but then also leads you to remember that Diane is having sex with a dog. A dog with pecs and the dulcet voice of Paul F. Tompkins, but still: a dog.
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