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July 23, 2016 6:50 AM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

It's 2007, and Princess Carolyn works tirelessly to get Bojack to stop basking in the light of the glory days and start working again. Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter meet, and Todd kisses a girl.
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I loved the constant references to how it was 2007. Just perfect.
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(though, you know, not that. but something like that)
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2007 nostalgia made me feel old (even if it was comically forced 2007 nostalgia). That was my first year out of college. I guess I'm in the same cohort as Dian(a).

This has been a good season so far. I feel like they're continuing to flex their muscles a little in terms of narrative, but there have been a lot of laughs. The ceiling fan gag got me every time.
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"What if the first scene is my character literally taking a dump on a VHS copy of Horsing Around?"
"Yes, that's completely insane, lets do it."
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Well, so, I think I have a crush on Jill now.
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I am in that special kind of hell where I fractured a rib in a bike crash on Sunday. This episode is killing me, I actually had to tun it off! Time for more pain killers I guess.
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