Steven Universe: Steven vs Amethyst
August 3, 2016 5:00 PM - Season 3, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Amethyst's rivalry with Steven gets a little out of hand.
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Aww Amethyst <3 I'm hoping this arc would be good for her.
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Pearl really knows how to put together a prize pouch! That is a great hat.

Amethyst expresses fan eye-rolling at new powers: "Is that NEW??!!"

Also "Now I'M the worst Gem!" yikes Amethyst.

Very much the sibling relationship where you kind of have to beat the snot out of each other to deal with each other.

I was shocked she wasn't as fast as Steven at running. Also it was interesting that Pearl didn't realize she was actually trying, and failing, to beat Steven. Pearl doesn't realize how much Amethyst needs to train, hopefully she will be able to do that now without shame.
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I know Gem bodies are made of PURE ENERGY but all those sink eggs can't be good for you.

Then again she literally eats trash so they're probably not the worst thing she eats either.
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"Let the worst gem LOSE!" That is the funniest fight scene the show has ever done! More stuff like that please!

This one was pretty cringy for me too, that is to say, it's difficult for me to watch the first half for periods of more than a minute before I pause it and do something else for a minutes. Poor Amethyst. Florido and Zuke get her really well I think. On a broader level, it's good that the show has opened up and let other characters share the protagonist spotlight with Steven.

Pearl was at her geekiest here, and the funniest moment of the episode I think was Amethyst's deadpan reaction to her "Pearl Points" and "Pearl Prize Pouch." In real life, I think Pearl would be the perfect piano teacher.

Other notes: in a bit of sacrilege, Steven's game console is made by Sumy! However the Gamecube controllers ARE clearly marked DOLPHIN, so I guess they're even. (They ARE Gamecube controllers, they even have the analog L and R buttons and oversize A button! BTW, that A button, and the different shapes of all the buttons on the GC controller, that is the best.)
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Oh, and Amethyst just dropping eggs, one at a time, into the garbage disposal, and eating a whole jar of mayonnaise on the counter, are like perfect moments.
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What was Ice Bear doing in the character select screen of the Lonely Blade video game?
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I guess we shouldn't be surprised that the human game developers of Steven Universe know a thing or two about the corrupted gem cryptids that make up their world?
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It's interesting that they're delving into this. Of course Amethyst probably isn't very good at fighting. It's typical for a show about alien guardians of the earth to fight monsters and win so we just kind of assume they're all good at it. And so too did Amethyst. But why would she be good at it? It wouldn't be consistent with what we know about her. She likes to chill, eat junk food and watch tv. I like that they showed us something new and unexpected and different by carrying forward something utterly predictable that's already been set up.
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Ice Bear is from We Bare Bears, another Cartoon Network property.
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I still maintain Amethyst's inability to fight is mental rather than anything physical. In a lot of ways she's the opposite of Pearl. Pearl is decidedly a non-fighter who succeeds thanks to determination and lots of practice. Amethyst is a born warrior but assumes she's weak so she doesn't try. If Amethyst had Pearl's determination she'd be at least equal to every other Gem on earth.
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I strongly dislike that Steven has become offensively capable. I liked that his powers were purely defensive. But now he's Steve Rogersing his shields all over the place.
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I want to see Amethyst poof Jasper by swinging Steven in his spiky bubble like a giant flail.
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I think as long as Steven remains largely defensive, and doesn't become the best at everything, it's fine. Shields have always been weapons and not just armor, and I don't like the idea of a Steven that's so meek that he just bubbles and defends without the bravery to shield-bash too.

Amethyst poofed one Pearl to Steven's four not because he was more capable, but because she chased the one. She has to learn patience. Her weakness is very much mental and not physical.
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explosion, agreed. She only chased one Pearl, she kept using the same attack over and over even though it was not working, growing more and more frustrated as it dodges out of the way each time. Not sure if this is intentional, but does she only get the holo-Pearl right after she says "stop moving" ? Is it actually just responding to her order to stop?
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"I get mad at myself and it makes me suck at everything even more."

OMG, this is me in a nutshell basically every time I play Overwatch. Or bowling, or a lot of things. And I don't even have two whips.

"My blade is the loneliest after all!"
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Oh, and Amethyst just dropping eggs, one at a time, into the garbage disposal

that's how you make egg salad!
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