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It's all Yes Yes No this week. First, a tweet about a banana sculpted (nibbled?) into a gorilla, then another tweet that requires "outside counsel" to explain.
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Marina strikes me as probably just an ordinary teen who didn't expect to become an Internet Sensation, or be paid to make videos, so she's having trouble dealing with it. I know I would.
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Yeah the Marina thing seems...overblown. She definitely sounds weird, but more like "having psychological issues" weird than "kidnapped and held hostage" weird.

I also thought it was great when PJ called in "outside counsel."

I am glad they did the Harambe thing. I (and many others) suggested it on Twitter when they put out a call for YYN ideas. Makes a lot more sense now.
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I loved the outside counsel here, as well as the interactions between the three of them in the first segment. Also, lol at the ad for a cloud backup company after last week's story.

The actual MJ story seems a bit sad potentially, but from the Jezebel article I can kind of understand why people were freaked out (the meetup thing seems super weird).
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I was surprised how charming I found the MTV bloggers to be.
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The MTV bloggers were the best. The DNC line, awesome. I would subscribe to their podcast.

The MJ thing just sounds awful - if she is having issues with being an Internet Sensation, I can't imagine that the tweets and the police showing up have helped matters at all.

I did take the survey, but had a hard time remembering more than like three advertisers.
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I was surprised how charming I found the MTV bloggers to be.

Huh. I was really put off by their demeanor, which had a tinge of "talking to old people? over it." from the moment they introduced themselves. The explanation of the memes was worth it, though, and good god I had no idea how big that weird Harambe fandom was.
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Here's a Guardian article about the Marina Joyce thing.
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As someone who seems naturally to fall into the role of overly-critical, crotchety asshole when discussing podcasts, I'm surprised to find nothing to complain about here. The show was delightful and engaging. And, I'd rather live in a world where every mysteriously popular video blogger who acts strange is actually part of a global ARG with an outrageously complicated plot that doesn't make much sense. (As in the case of the subway rat show, I assume the hosts are pretending they believe everyone is sincere here because it's more fun that way; not because they haven't ever considered the alternative.)

I also found the MTV bloggers charming and fully engaging radio voices. Though, as someone who remembers being young and resenting the way the world treated me, I still cringe in sympathy when someone gets introduced as a youth representative. To be clear, a paycheck and a media platform are both good things; I can see why they'd take the job even if it rankles. But, they're far more interesting commentators than their silly "massive international corporation is hip, just like you kids" job title suggests.
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