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The continuing saga of a small Canadian town under quarantine after a plague kills all of its population over the age of 21.
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"OMG, we killed this old woman with the plague. We have to leave so that we don't bring on the end of humanity. But we'll just leave her corpse here for anyone to find, in a pool of her own blood and bile. I'm sure that will be fine."

NO. You burn the house down.
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Oh man. I'm only about halfway through, but I figure it's enough to complain. Hah.

As bad as S1 was, S2 still managed to take a dive. I hated pretty much everybody.

Particular stuff:
* The escape leading to the death of the well meaning old lady was horrible, especially in that - as you rightly point out - they did nothing to sanitize the scene or warn anybody investigating. Nobody's ever offered a timetable for how long a corpse stays plague ridden in Between, so they might have let the plague out for good with that one.

* The parents driving over a land mine cracked me up.

* Chuck's escape attempt was also hilarious, as was the whole 'guards selling kids cheeseburgers for thousands of dollars' scam that spawned it.

* Giving the baby to the Amish was some sort of mix of tragic and hilarious.

* The technobabble about how the cells of the infected collapse like dead stars or something, thus leading to death at *precisely* 21, is where I had to put the show down. It's not really any worse than the technobabble in other teen dystopias, but the quality of the show overall did nothing to shield it.

* The convenient den of survivalist kids was a bridge too far, I think.

* I don't really know what they were trying to do with Gord's fight with his sister over the cow. (It seems like butchering the cow was a dumb move.)

* The government related paranoia espoused by the show continued to grate on my nerves. I mean... they couldn't send in MREs? Clean water? Porta potties?

I'm pretty curious if anybody found anything sympathetic or redeeming here, apart from some unintentional moments of dark comedy.
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I had never heard of this show until I saw the Season 1 post here, and I don't know why reading all these comments about how terrible it is makes me want to watch it immediately.
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I had never heard of this show until I saw the Season 1 post here, and I don't know why reading all these comments about how terrible it is makes me want to watch it immediately.

If you normally watch horrible crap, (and I used to blog bad movies myself), it'll pass a little time until shows that are actually good are back.
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I will say I greatly enjoy the half-sardonic, half-depressed sounding mumbling of the actor who plays Adam. And I'd bet if the writers gave the actor playing Wiley anything to do, she'd do right by it.
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Dead brother Pat is appearing and talking to Ronnie? Am I getting my wish? Is this a schizophrenia onset storyline?
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Is this a schizophrenia onset storyline?

I wish I knew, but the device of 'character hallucinates a fully functional conversation partner' has become such a common trope in modern TV that I can't be sure.
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Gord is built like a brick shithouse... How does everyone keep beating his ass?

He even let the tween camp punk him.

All he had to say is "OK, obviously this many of you with hammers and shovels versus just me, you can kill me. All you have to decide is who comes in first. Because I figure I can kill four of you before I go down."

Zero tweens would take that bet.
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Also when did Adam go from boy genius to fucking idiot?
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Grateful Gord is dead. Grateful Adam is acting smart again.
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The young people still in town when the extermination was canceled are very lucky they were in Canada. I'd like to believe the US military would see the news reports and defy orders to stand down, but I'm not sure if I can.

If they make it to next season, it should be a more interesting show. I was kind of tried of the Lord of the Flies angle. Moving it into a more general pandemic show could work out for them, though if I'm being honest, I have no idea what would keep our motley collection of older teens in the heart of that expanded story.
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