ars PARADOXICA: 05: Midnight
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Past mistakes catch up with the town of Polvo.
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"Past Sally for the win!"
"...Did you just give yourself a high five?"

"Oh I forgot to tell you, the town's about the blow up!"
"Why did you not lead with that!?"

"Fix the broken science thing"
"...or die trying." (I want this one on a T-shirt, or at least on a patch I can stitch to my lab coat).

"noble and deadly... like Argon!"

The whole conversation in the cupboard was hilarious, and the rest of the episode had me chuckling a lot, too. The repeated "don't you have a watch?" was fun, too.

And the ending was fun. Am I right that two Sallys met and immediately fainted, or was that just supposed to be an audio glitch? I find it a bit weird that they only kept one Sally, but it put a nice dark twist on the story and brought us a bit more of the background plot.
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(I'm going to return to posting eps on Thursdays, and try to keep it regular :) ).
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