Cowboy Bebop (1998): Cowboy Bebop: Heavy Metal Queen   Rewatch 
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The seventh session of Cowboy Bebop features outer space freight hauling, a bunch of "back-stabbing," good-for-nothing bounty hunters after bounty with a dragon tattoo named "Decker," a Rumplestiltskin-like name guessing game, and a tight situation in an old abandoned mine.
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This is another CB session that's grown on me over time. I appreciate how the slightly tweaked '70s version of the show's usual retro ambience (in the form of greasy-spoon chic, van-art space vistas, Woody Allen, etc.) makes this a tribute not just to the truck-drivin' film genre, but to the Heavy Metal movie itself. I wish there had maybe been a little bit more background on V.T., but I think it's just as fun to imagine her earlier life with her bounty-hunter husband, Terpsichore.

I remember there being a short prequel story on the old official Bandai Cowboy Bebop website, entitled U.T. (Ural Terpsichore), which was a brief glimpse of Terpsichore's time as the system's greatest bounty hunter. Unfortunately, the site is long since dead, and all mirrors seem to be down. Anybody know where I could find it again?
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Interesting. On first look, I found this bit of bad fanvid, from a live action movie called Cowboy Moon. Here's the earliest Bandai page on, from June 18, 1997 (!!), when they were selling import toys (Tamagochi is here!!!) and cheesy anime (Dragon Ball Z). Some of the archived pages are hard to navigate, due to lack of images which probably have some links in specific regions.
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More than any other episode, this is the one that cemented Spike as the baddest of the bad for me. He wins the stack of money, money the crew of the Bebop really need, and just slides off one bill, telling V.T. to buy her husband a drink in heaven.
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