BrainDead: Taking on Water: How Leaks in D.C. are Discovered and Patched
August 25, 2016 10:27 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The truth about the CIA Syria briefing is leaked, and Red wants to know who did it. The investigation leads to the revelation that Laurel (may have) slept with Michael Moore (guest starring as himself in Gareth's horrified imagination). Meanwhile, a room in the Senate basement has been converted to a war room, complete with ominous countdown clock and blueprints aplenty.

RIP Jonathan Coulton, victim of bugsplosion during the recap song.
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Is that actually Moore? He looked to me the way I remember him from Roger & Me so I assumed it was a like-a-look. I should have watched the credits.

Ratings are absolutely abysmal (almost twice as many people in the 18-49 demo watched a Brooklyn 99 rerun than this episode) so here's hoping to a satisfying resolution to this bunch of episodes; I doubt we'll get any more after that.
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From the EW recap:
This, Gareth can’t believe, and he then launches into a gag-inducing daydream — literally, he gags — of Laurel and Michael Moore hooking up. It is the real Michael Moore, and he is wearing his trademark baseball cap and everything. It’s both hilarious and horrifying. To the extremely conservative Gareth, it’s mostly horrifying.
IMDB agrees.
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Honestly, I don't see how this show could have expected a second season. I think it really didn't find it's legs until a couple of episodes ago. But still, having Jonathan Coulton sing the recaps has been brilliant.
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Yeah, this show is too delightfully weird for CBS. I hope Coulton's still singing the recaps after this?

Is the countdown to when more meteors hit, maybe? I don't think it can be just their desired war date.
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Possibly they have to instigate a world war by that time, which is probably when the rest of them will arrive on the planet and they need the population distracted.
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Considering that Coulton was still singing after his head blew up....probably.

The songs are posted here.
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I want to marry this show, how is everyone not binge watching it????

Smallest demographic ever I guess but genetically engineered for my household.

That previously was amazing!
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I was trying to come up with the proper ________ + _________ formula for this show. The West Wing + Invasion of the Body Snatchers sort of works, though it doesn't say a peep about how funny this is.
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