Archer: The Double Deuce
September 3, 2016 10:20 AM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The members of Woodhouse's WW1 tontine are dropping like flies and Archer steps in to assist. Which means Mallory has to help with the wee baby Seamus and it ends up explaining so much.

We know now that the razor in "Swiss Miss" was probably a straight razor.

Woodhouse has two of the sawed off double barrelled shotguns Archer used in "Pipeline Fever".
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Fish shit in it
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Pity about George Coe; this was a fantastic Woodhouse episode.

We know now that the razor in "Swiss Miss" was probably a straight razor.

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Why am I just learning that Coe died?!? Is that why Woodhouse has been gone for a couple seasons?
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The showrunners tried to keep it on the low down, explaining away Woodhouse's absence from 6 as "saving something special for Woodhouse, next season." Possibly hoping for a recovery.

Then Coe passed away and everyone was sad.
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I feel like even before George Coe passed, there were definitely episodes where Coe was credited but another actor (Adam Reed?) performed Woodhouse's role.
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Yep, and Thompson/Reeds first show fell apart when Goz died, and they switched in his brother, so I'm sure they're a bit sensitive about dealing with actors behind core characters.
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"Oh my god........ Are we out of bloody mary's ?!?"
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