Archer: Pipeline fever
August 26, 2016 9:43 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The agents are on anti-terrorism duty tasked with preventing ecoterrorists from blowing up a natural gas pig launcher. Back at the office ISIS is going green and Cyril lets the cat out of the bag.

Archer manages to smuggle a sawed off double barrel shotgun onto a commercial flight. Said weapon having been borrowed from Woodhouse. There is apparently way more to his back story than we've seen.

Mallory is a bad ass.

This episode has a big plot hole in that there is only 3' of water around the station, Archer could just reach down and recover the equipment bags.
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Whaling ships? What he's got something against clean burning lamp oil?
posted by Chrysostom at 10:20 AM on August 26, 2016

Archer: No, no, by all means, let me do this Lana. You just sit there like the African Queen.
Lana: The African Queen was the boat.
Archer: No it wasn't. It was Audrey...
Lana: Katherine.
Archer: Whichever Hepburn, she was the queen.
Lana: ...of Africa?
Archer: Yeah.
Lana: The white Queen of Africa?
Archer: Yeah.
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In the shouldn't-laugh-but-always-do category:
“...And some damn guard dog you is! Annie! ... Annie? ... Aw, well that's just great. Now both my dogs is dead!”
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"...and two weeks later I was in Tunisia, killing another man."
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First occurrence of that repeated line.
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I totally don't get the "both my dogs is dead" line.

Some of my favourite episodes are the ones where Lana gets to kick back and have fun. The transformation here from having to constantly deal with Archer's bullshit and her post-morphine "so what are your biggest fears" chill conversation encapsulates her two sides perfectly.

Thanks for starting the fanfare - re-watching archer is always fun!
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I totally don't get the "both my dogs is dead" line.

It's a reference to Where The Red Fern Grows. The main character had dogs named Old Dan and Little Ann.
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I see - "read a children's book!"
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Best bit:

"You ruined the moment."
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