Dark Matter: Take the Shot
September 4, 2016 7:32 PM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Answering the classic question: Androids (or at least this one) dream not of electric sheep but snowy Canadian landscapes, domestic bliss and get-togethers. Other crew members find it too easy to believe their eyes.
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"Was it at least a good dream?"

"It was... okay."

I thought the virus was going to be Android configuring the ship to work without her, so she could go off on her own.

I really liked it when the dream android told Android that the others would eventually turn on her, following that with "I'm just a voice in your head. You already know it's true."

So I know someone was going to delete the neural imprints so they couldn't be used for more attacks, but did they ever actually follow up? 4 obviously saved a copy of his, but I don't remember anyone actually pushing a delete button or anything. Pulling the core might have accomplished that, but it seemed like a Thing that fell through the cracks. Maybe I just missed it.
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What I didn't get is why it was only those crew members that got attacked. All of them had their neural imprints uploaded to the system didn't they? (Except for Five, right?) So then all of them should have been attacked. I speculated that it was because those three members were most likely to pull the plug on the Android, but that didn't really make sense either. Outside of Two, it's not that they were the ones most likely to run the ship in case of trouble with the Android. Oh well, sometimes it's best not to overthink these things.
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Two, Three and Four are the only crew members with uploaded neural imprints.
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Okay, that makes more sense then. For whatever reason I thought all of them had been uploaded except for One and Five.
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To be sure I just read the recap of episode 3 on SyFy and it says this:

It turns out that the crew of the Raza, before they went into stasis and had their memories wiped, uploaded their brain scans as a precautionary measure in case The Android was ever compromised. As the Raza's computer searched for active neural links, it found those of Two, Three and Four … and effectively 'reset' them to the day they uploaded their brain scans, 14 months ago.

Five never had her imprint uploaded and Six was in a stasis pod because of his wound, so the computer couldn't find his imprint, so the virus could only attack Two, Three and Four this episode.
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Oh well, sometimes it's best not to overthink these things.

Said the sign on the writers room wall.
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Re: the toxic gas... um, wouldn't a starship bridge have a locker full of survival gear like emergency air tanks and respirators?

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They are an outlaw mercenary ship. They stick it to the man by ignoring galactic workplace safety regulations requiring emergency equipment on the bridge!
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The thing that keeps kinda aching in the back on my head all season here has been, like, tons of big huge set pieces from S1 that are simply _gone_ in S2. Remember the locker full of red herrings and deus ex machinas? The writers don't!

Don't get me wrong, I like where they're going now that it's shaking out, but it's giving me the worst feeling like I'm conflating Dark Matter, Killjoys and Stargate: Universe.
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