Fear the Walking Dead: Do Not Disturb
September 4, 2016 8:18 PM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Travis has a hard time connecting with Chris while looking for shelter; Alicia meets a woman with a bloody past.<
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Aaaaaaaaand, Chris now firmly cements himself as shittier Carl.

I like the complexity of Travis moving from naive belief that civilisation will return in one scene to Thoreau-like romanticism of rugged living in the next and then finally to a sober appraisal of the dangers posed by the apocabros.

Also, Elena is great. I hope she sticks around for a while. If Chris is shitty Carl, then she's less-shitty Gabriel. I want to see a real take on that guilt/redemption story rather than TWD's perfunctory "yeah, we're bored of writing a non-alpha male, let's just have him get in line behind Rick" version.
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Damn, you guys, is this show really about to confront, head-on, the crappy douchebros who fantasize about a zombie apocalypse freeing them to be assholes? I think maybe it is. If it really does do that I may forgive it for all of its many sins, heck it may even surpass the original in my eyes.
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Teenagers as Lords of the Apocalypse - gawd 'elp us...
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Yeah, it really looks that way. I'm also hoping they don't shy away from the full racial implications of this scenario.
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Damn, you guys, is this show really about to confront, head-on, the crappy douchebros who fantasize about a zombie apocalypse freeing them to be assholes? I think maybe it is.

if by confront, you mean "mention This A Thing That Exists and then drop the subject without offering any commentary or insight beyond This Is Also A Thing That Is Bad and Aren't We Brave, Bold and Clever For Bringing This Up," then yes, almost certainly
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They've at least gone as far as having one of the protagonists of the show be seduced into their way of thinking, so already I think their take is slightly more complicated than what you're reducing it to.
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you must be new to the TWD franchise
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I'm with tobascodagama on this one: FTWD is a stupid show, but it's leaps and bounds more thoughtful than its predecessor, and it always has been.

TWD's central thesis *is* the douchebro fantasy: 'strong white man gotta make the hard calls to protect his fambly' with an extra double helping of 'civilization is a thin veneer - every stranger you meet is perpetually five minutes away from eating/killing/raping/stealing from you.' It's a pretty hateful piece of fiction almost any way I look at it: it has no faith in people, no hope and a decidedly ahistorical view of how populations recover from catastrophe. (It is also very divergent from the comic, which had a more balanced perspective about these things.)

FTWD has offered a wider range of perspectives from the get-go. There's no Rick-style Tough White Guy leading the show, here. They've even had one *good* depiction of racism, (wherein Travis was treated as a Magical Maori by that survivalist - as a POC, I was impressed that anybody writing on that show understood what that was like), and at least a nod toward the debate about 'help others' versus 'fear others.'

I am willing to extend them some benefit of the doubt regarding Chris and the Apocabros, if only because the entire scenario, from the way those guys act to Chris siding with them to Travis' discomfort and uncertainty all actually feel human to me.

(Odds are good they'll let me down, but someone's at least making an effort on FTWD's staff.)
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