My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 319: Kenny Rogers GameFAQs
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Everyone loves the song "The Gambler"...

... by songsmith Kenny Rogers -- and if anyone says otherwise, they're a LIAR -- but did you know how many advanced poker strategies are tucked away in the lyrical folds and grooves of that tune? Well, you will know, by the end of this episode. Oh boy, do we make sure of that.

Suggested talking points: Trollswatch, Office Zoltar, Now You See Me Swear Scenes, Spooky Commentary, Geolocational Brother Tracking, The Meaning of The Gambler
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This was an excellent episode. Choicest goofs.

Also, I bought tickets for Candlenights and I am so friggin excited. I'm finally geographically close enough to attend and I cannot wait.
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Haven't listened to the episode yet, as it hasn't shown up on UK iTunes (or it's just not showing up for me yet - no idea).

Please report back about Candlenights!
posted by minsies at 3:59 AM on September 7, 2016

un-acknowledge Travis goof... His idea that The Gambler is really about Origami.
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The unacknowledged Travis goofs are often the best.

I did enjoy learning that the McElroys all stalk each other using the "where's my iPhone" feature.
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"You can say E.L. Fuck."

Also, a friend of mine submitted that trash story!
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If I start thinking about "die in your sleep" I start chuckling. On first listen, I missed how they went from the meaning of the Gambler to Kenny Rogers telling you how to beat video games. Hopefully I'll catch it the second time through.
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I missed how they went from the meaning of the Gambler to Kenny Rogers telling you how to beat video games.

I believe it was Griffin who suggested the song was just a walkthrough for high-stakes poker. When they read that Yahoo, I thought for sure it was going to be a pretty weak one, but they knocked it out of the park.

I only exchange Find My Friends data with my wife and daughter, and I'll admit to occasionally using it to creep on my wife - Is she still at the supermarket? I just remembered we need milk. - and so forth. I shudder to think of the evil my brother and I would do to each other with that kind of knowledge.
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