Under the Dome: Black Ice
September 8, 2014 11:19 PM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

A freezing night under the Dome; an incident on the road; a surprising return.

Pauline and Melanie bond over some bad acting; Julia's amazing recuperative powers are tested again; Hunter is what, a triple agent now?; THE AMAZING SHRINKING DOME.
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One drink if a character shouts, "Don't you die on me!"
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I know I shouldn't think about this show too hard, but if the hypothermia was supposed to slow down her heartbeat enough that she wouldn't bleed out from the metal rod being removed, when she was warmed up again, wouldn't she just bleed out? Maybe bodies just work different under the dome, I guess.
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Rotating dome? Shrinking dome? How 'bout the dome just levitates and floats away, taking the town with it?
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Oh Dome, you raise so many questions!

If the road was treacherous enough for Barbie to crash, how come he could carry Julia without slipping over?
How did Lyle's t-shirt dry out so quickly between the lake and the Big Jimmobile?
Hunter The Hypothermic does know Norrie's meant to be about fifteen, right?
Would Barbie and Julia's kids be as injury-prone as they are?
Why did Norrie feel the need to define contracting?
Doesn't Big Jim still have a massive stash of propane somewhere?
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What happened to last season's hospital?

(Needed the room for the school set is my guess.)
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If the Dome is contracting (and not just shifting over to, y'know, get closer to its Lil' Buddy, Egg, which is sending out distress signals from Zenith), won't the atmospheric pressure increase?

Paging HS Physics Teacher!
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What happened to last season's hospital?

They mentioned the clinic was damaged in the earthquake so everyone was either in the school or the church.

I hope they keep giving us hints that the hacker is secretly evil just to find out he's a good guy. Maybe he'll have a copy of "How to Cook Forty Humans" in his backpack.
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Heh. "Your [product placement] is charged up and ready to go. "

"Take Julia's [product placement], blah, blah, blah. "

Jim missed his cue, "Yeah, the fuel is in the CAR." Wrong! Did you not read your script? "The fuel is in the [product placement].

"Let's say no other catastrophes hit."
Oh, Barbie, do you know what show you're on?

Ok, I'll be the one to say it. Nudity under blankets, people.

Wait, what? When has hacker boy ever seen Joe's GF helping people?

I'm calling BS on Barbie carrying redhead to the diner. No and hell, no. Besides, apparently they could have just waited it out.

NOW, it's starting? What's been happening in the last couple of weeks then? A meet-and-greet?
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That should have been the biggest clue that the hacker was still a good guy. The e-mails they showed of his were on a Microsoft phone. Military guys get generic laptops and even the Barbie's dad's computer didn't seem too obviously Windows 8 to me.
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Stephen King (or his assistant?) has taken to occasionally tweeting stuff about "Under the Dome" like "last five episodes ROCK" and "best line ever..." It's kind of amusing.
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Here's the tweet I paraphrased above.
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Gah! That was about Fargo, not UtD. (Wonder why King was tweeting about that show now - perhaps a Fargo bingewatch?)

I think it does speak to the fact that the characters are so forgettable/blah that I had assumed that "Lester" was one of the minor characters on UtD.
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checking to see if Fargo is on at the same time as Under The Dome
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My wife and I still watch this. Now we call it "Under the Dumb." I'm king of sad it took us that long to think of that.
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My favorite part is where Joe licked the dome and then his tongue froze to the dome and then when he tried to pull away from the dome his tongue ripped out and he can never ever talk again.

Like LizBoBiz, I also wonder about how Julia must have immediately bled to death when Barbie pulled the McGuffin out of her leg after thawing her in the ovens. I imagine she bled all over the remaining food stores at the Peach Pit, and so now the Millers have to either choose starvation or sharing one final Redhead Goddess Blood Feast.

Next week in Sex House: 1000' walls of flame.
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Damn, that was a spikey ambulance.

But the thing that really killed me was the lack of condensation around people's breath in the freezing cold. I guess Jack Bender has never ventured out in less than 70 degree weather.
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