Archer: Movie Star
September 16, 2016 11:41 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The team is shadowed by a famous movie actor researching a role. Mallory goes for an author/actor credit. The back office engages in a covert op.

Repeated line: Mallory gets her start in intelligence by killing a man in Tunisia.

"now who's laughing Mr. Hooks For Hands"

Kelp tape.

The contrast between weapons on the range is extreme, Sterling is using a .32 PPK and Lana a Desert Eagle which is commonly .44 mag or .50 Action Express in Hollywood.

I sometimes wonder why the heck Ray stays on with ISIS.
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This one was okay.

"Yeah, no sharp objects on the ward. They were super strict about that. "
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I thought this episode was... AMAZING!

And it always makes me realize in real life I say AMAZING, like, a lot.
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I sometimes wonder why the heck Ray stays on with ISIS.

At first because he was writing a book, eventually because he needs the health plan. But really I think my recent re-watch of "Heart of Archness" shows it starkly: as soon as they get the Black Titanium card Ray blows it on food and a captain's outfit and a person. He's got some skills but little ambition beyond using ISIS for personal gain; in that same episode he's the one who said about Archer skimming funds, "Oh please, we all — think he would dare to do that." Meanwhile Lana blows the whole mission by getting mad and ranting on the beach. That whole office has about one good agent among them, it's just distributed across five or six people.
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This one was okay.

I really liked it! This is where the show really took off in terms of interpersonal dynamics for me. Rona was such a cool one-off character: exploiting a ditzy/entitled persona to cozy up to ISIS's work, but smart enough to not go the obvious route (flirting with Archer, who would've been an easy in and raised some eyebrows) and instead drawing out Lana's insecurities with a girl-power-sisterhood approach... which also seemed at least somewhat sincere.

(I'm also a huge fan of the Jennifer Barkley character on Parks & Rec, so I guess I have a soft spot for "I'm your opponent but not your enemy" relationships.)
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This is one of my favorite episodes of the series, with every character on point personality wise. It's extra special that they don't figure Rona out, so they wind up losing and the last gaga is great! Archers head in Lana's lap as they're both trying to speak while basically paralyzed is hilarious, forcing multiple rewinds to figure out what they're saying.

On Mallory's casual racism, the show walked the fine line between ugly and funny like a veteran runway model, Reed just slayed.

My head canon has Rona's parents as the couple from The Americans.
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