Queen Sugar: Thy Will Be Done
September 18, 2016 1:56 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Charley, Nova and Ralph Angel learn the contents of their father's will and contemplate running the farm together or selling it. (Episode directed by Neema Barnette)

*Nova goes to jail to visit a kid, Too Sweet, who says he was arrested for no reason, and encourages him to stay strong and fight the charges rather than be intimidated into taking a plea deal.
*Davis tells Charley that he must return to Houston to be questioned by the police, that he and other players are going to be suspended, that the woman accusing them of rape was a hired escort, and that he did have sex with her but did not rape her.
*Landry makes a lowball offer for the farm.
*Ralph Angel gets a visit from his parole officer, who reminds him that a 40-hour weekly paystub is a requirement of his parole, and gets him placed at a new job.
*Ralph Angel's frustration comes to a head when men come to repossess Ernest's tractor, and he threatens to shoot them, but crisis is averted by Blue's presence.
*Charley goes to a local black farmers' pot luck at Remy's invitation, he urges her not to sell to Landry.
*Micah tells Charley he's going back to Houston without her, to support his father.
*Ralph Angel goes to Darla's trailer for comfort sex.
*Nova and Charley tell Ralph Angel that they want to try to get a crop planted and harvested, that he and Blue should move into Ernest's house, and they'll revisit the idea of selling in a year.

*Vulture.com episode recap
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