Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Coral Palms, Part 1
September 20, 2016 6:12 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Following the events of B99's explosive S03 finale, Holt and Jake have settled into whole new lives in witness protection, as mild-mannered Florida residents "Greg" and "Larry". Or have they? Watch and find out!
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If you mention a tattoo in Act 1, will it be visible by Act 3? Should we hope that Holt's tattoo follows the Chekov's Gun rule, or would seeing it ruin the joke? (Actually, I don't think I actually want to see it, but I'm pretty sure I need to see Jake's reaction to seeing it.)
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We'll never see it, because it's Holt and he's taunting Jake.

This was a joy to watch, especially "Larry's" hair, jobs, and ATV.

How come Kevin's not also in WitSec?

You gotta admire the balls at putting that video online.
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This one was an interesting change of pace from the typical B99 episode structure: Instead of juggling multiple subplots to include the whole ensemble, they pared this one down to a simple two-hander with Jake and Holt. To its credit, I didn't even think about how much I missed seeing the rest of the gang until the episode ended. I assume that the next episode will bring us up to speed on what's going on back at the precinct.

In any case, it looks like the titles of this episode and the next two serve to confirm my idle speculation from the season finale:
I wonder how quickly this season's cliffhanger will be resolved, i.e. instantaneously as in the case of Jake's summer-hiatus undercover op between S01+S02, or if it'll be done over the course of the first 3-4 episodes of next season
Can I also mention how nice it was to see Rhea Perlman as one of the power-walker ladies? It was such a low-key, unassuming cameo that I wasn't entirely sure if it was actually her until I saw her credit at the end.
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Really enjoyed that, and as much as I love (and miss) the entire ensemble, I kinda appreciated having the tight focus on just this one storyline and the Perralta/Holt dynamic.

Though I spent large parts of the episode bemoaning the fact Andre Braugher has yet to win an Emmy for his consistently majestic feats. There was that perfect gem of a pause and withheld sigh in "I majored in...Communications." The loathing and the commitment as DJ B-Day. "You look like an evenly stained deck." THE POWER WALKING.
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"I've ridden ATVs before: Antiquing ... in the Berkshires!"
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also this plotline has so many opportunities for the rest of the cast to show up in ridiculous disguises and i really urgently need this to happen.
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I was all, "that looks like Rhea Perlman, but it doesn't SOUND like Rhea Perlman!" So weird!
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poffin boffin, agreed.

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Terry could bust out his President Camacho outfit, just sayin'
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