Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Coral Palms pt 2
September 27, 2016 9:54 PM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Jake and Holt get arrested after a misunderstanding when they purchase guns to take down Figgis.

Figgis sees the viral video and captures U.S. Marshal Karen Haas (Maya Rudolph). Jake and Holt eventually break out of jail and decide to call the Nine-Nine for help. Meanwhile, the new captain of the precinct (Ken Marino) has questionable ways that begin to get to Amy. But when they confront the captain, they are unable to get permission to help Jake and Holt.
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I really liked Jake's asides in this one, eg., when he doesn't need an ID to buy the guns: "This country is broken."
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I'm glad they got us back (somewhat) to the Nine-Nine, because the main thing the first episode did was remind me how much I like Peralta and Holt as part of an ensemble.
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Fantastic series of episodes as usual. I love this show so much. Wish I had something more substantial to say.

I liked how if Holt had just gotten over his pride earlier, Amy wouldn't have had time to go on her little crusade and they would have just gone down there immediately.
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I agree with bleep on this. I don't have much to say except 😻😻😻😻 for this show. I just like hanging out with this show and these characters a lot.

A perfect example is the Peralta/Holt kiss: once upon a time, all shows (and still most) would have been played it as One-Sided Gay Panic, but instead it was played as just Fucking Weird Because It Obviously Is a Weird Situation Based on This Situation and These Characters.

(I also love Holt's horrible attempts at pretending to be heterosexual; "nice heavy breasts" is making me laugh just as I type it.)
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Just caught up with this one!

It was great to see everyone from the Nine-Nine again, and I loved, loved, LOVED the guest stars: Parks and Rec's Jim O'Heir as the Coral Palms sheriff (I didn't catch a character name, but I'ma call him "Perry Gergich"), and stand-up/frequent @midnight contestant Esther Povitsky as Gina's new assistant (who didn't get fired at the end of the episode!), and of course the amazing Ken Marino as "CJ."

I do kind of wonder if the whole "new chief" thing is going to become the show's go-to for season-opener arcs, but I like the spin they've put on this one so far.
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i feel v strongly that i must mention that there was recently a bunch of robberies around queens in which the perpetrators pretended to be police officers and one of the fake cops was named jay peralta.
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