The Sandbaggers: Who Needs Enemies
September 27, 2016 12:32 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Burnside gets his annual medical exam. He needs a break. Hey, that post in Madrid just became vacant...
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Burnside rules.

Although I dunno, Burnside used to be a sandbagger, wouldn't he be able to fend off a couple muggers?

David Robb, from The Flame Trees of Thika to Downton Abbey, that voice and that mustache are immediately recognizable. I didn't quite understand why D Int was supposed to feel guilty about taking the printout directly to Peele. Is it because it could pertain to the situation in Madrid and therefore Burnside and Willie should've been apprised? Because it seemed to me to be more of an intelligence matter (that just happened to mention Burnside).

The next episode is it, isn't it?
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This show, it's just incredible. It's hard for me to believe that stories this subtle were written for TV nearly 45 years ago. I love Burnside's affect here, so miserable and silent through so much. His ex-wife's mother cornering him in the hospital to get back together with her daughter and then telling him it would help his career. What an outrage. Not to mention all the other indignities from everyone. Including his secretary lovingly reading him out. And then one small grin of victory in the end. Plus that horrible makeup job, his injuries.

The part that's left unsaid is whether D Int was in on the KGB job. And if the muggers were part of it too. I think that was left ambiguous on purpose.
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