Atlanta: Nobody Beats the Biebs
September 29, 2016 8:46 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Paper Boi attends a charity basketball celebrity event for the youth and faces off against Justin Beiber, the black R&B hit kid. Earn faces a case of mistaken identity. Darius runs into trouble at the shooting range.
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I'm fairly sure Darius is preparing for a confrontation with the Sandwich Man's deja vu dog from the opening scene of the series.
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Yeah, I'm kind of surprised how little fanfare.mefi discussion there was of the borderline PKD-esque elements in E01 - timeframe shifts linked to deja-vu, the increasing divergence between what the protagonists experienced during the shooting (off-screen) and what the public seems to believe or have perceived, definitely not-quite-a-dream Sandwich Man... it's clear that the surreality of the show is significantly more subtle than Twin Peaks or The Leftovers or the like, but there is definitely a 'perception vs reality' fracture that is being hinted at.
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