RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: Drag Fish Tank
September 30, 2016 10:07 AM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The queens play butt butt golf, design merchandise and promote their personal "brands." Category is: PANTS on the runway!
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The only acceptable explanation for this garbage fire of an elimination is that Alaska eliminated the stronger competitor, period. There's no way Roxxxy is going to win this thing and everybody knows it.

Another possible explanation is that Alaska didn't want to play into the "blowing-up Rolaskatox" storyline that the producers were clearly going for, but I think that's BS. If you want to play "fair," Tatianna deserved to stay way more than boring Roxxxy. That being said, there is $100,000 on the line, so...

How great was Katya's runway look? Also her description! “I am giving you 1980s lesbian literary agent, disinterested pissed off Ellen Barkin fantasy.”
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They pulled the pag, girl.

My recap: Everyone basically delivered the goods here. Katya overcame both an internal and an external saboteur, ignoring an extremely unhelpful critique to successfully market a scented thorazine spray that was my personal fave of the night; Alaska was perfectly Alaska a la Red for Filth, marketing "fashion tape"; Alyssa and Detox were safe with a 5-Hour-Energy-alike and a talking trashcan, respectively (and Alyssa additionally redeems herself from her perfume commercial); and Tati's tea set and Roxxxy's wig glue commercials were still reasonably funny but land in the bottom two.

According to the volume of cheers in the bar where I watched this episode, Katya and especially Tatianna killed the pants-themed runway, the former with an amazing tracksuit styled perfectly and the latter with an unimpeachable T-Boz impression that showed exactly how strong she was as a competitor.

Then after an Alaska/Katya lipsync to Joan Jett's "Cherry Bomb," a series of unfortunate events occured and people in the bar started booing. Roxxxy continues to charm but she has now survived a fourth trip to the bottom two for no good god damn reason, and I am really going to miss those Tatianna talking heads. (And I was pretty surprised Alaska was declared the winner of that lip sync, tbqh... Katya is clearly the Rujubee of this season.)
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Great tags btw.
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Oh lordy, Roxxxy is truly one of my all-time favorite queens, basically the one that made me a hard core Drag Race fan. But I cannot say the right person went home. (Well, if we're assuming the better queen should stay, which may be an unsafe assumption at this point.) I really wanted to see more Tatiana. Her boy-to-camera segments were awesome, and I think she has a lot of talent. Everything I love about Roxxxy, we've seen, and it's clear we won't be seeing anything new.

Ugh. I suppose it matters little, as this is Alaska's moment in the sun, but it's a damn shame.
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Yeah I was pretty disappointed in how all of that went down. I thought Katya had the lip sync and I thought Tatianna continued to show new great things and killed that runway to death. I adore Alaska and Roxxxy but it shouldn't have been either of their nights.

(I've discovered Uhnnnn and I get Katya now.)
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Oh god, I love UNHhhh -- funnily enough, I was already a huge Katya fanboy, but UNHhhh turned me on to Trixie as well. Her snappy barbs work pretty fantastically with Katya's free-association, and I love watching them crack each other up. Like e.g.,
KATYA: I'm in the worst shape of my life [...] so I have to get back in shape, which is hard because we're always on the road. I'm jealous of you, you get to stay in one place and do something very artistically fulfilling, while I have to travel around and just, you know, wheeze fetid breath on like a hot sweaty club goer --
TRIXIE: Did you ever think the real problem was this hat?
So gooooood. Was lucky enough to see the two of them do a live UNHhhh show in SF (!!!), which did not disappoint.
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This most recent episode is particularly delightful... "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's clinical depression"
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I think that elimination was some BS and clearly Alaska taking out the competition, but I think it will ultimately be good for Tatianna. There's such a blowback against Alaska (Reddit is losing it's MIND) and a ton of support for Tati. Hopefully this will get her a boost in her career and bookings.

At least no one can say this has been a boring season, AS2 redeemed itself from AS1.
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"I'm always known as 'the pretty', but I can do other things too," says Tatianna as she looks very pretty. I don't understand if the runway ever actually counts for anything. Because Tatianna's runway should have at least kept her safe. And Alaska's look should have bumped her down to safe.

The man from CNBC wasn't helpful. But to be fair, he was brought on to give the queens marketing advice, and his advice was sound. It just turned out the products were incidental to the task, which was to make a funny commercial.

I think Detox should have been on the bottom instead of Tatianna. Her product and commercial were the least funny of the bunch. But I had to watch Tati go once before and she was never going to be allowed to win, so I'm not upset. Such as it is with this show. I'll just never for the life of me understand why Roxxy had a crop top that fit Alaska.

I'm trying not to dislike Alaska because of RuPaul's blatant favoritism. I don't see how Katya didn't have a better commercial, runway look and won the lip-synch.
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I keep hoping for the narrative where Katya is finally sure of herself and emerges from the pack to win it. She just has this smart edge and rawness to her comedy. But I have to say, other than Roxxy, I think any of them could win it. Alyssa seems to really keep the judges in stitches though I find her humor a bit one-note, and her looks are often surprising. Alaska has been a frequent favorite and hasnt had
many missteps though I didn't love her runway look this time. Detox is funny too - at this point they are all
strong comedy queens who all look amazing most of the time. I hope there is a challenge that asks for something different to see another side of them.
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I'll just never for the life of me understand why Roxxy had a crop top that fit Alaska.

Alaska's way taller than Roxxxy, something like 6'1" vs. 5'8" out of heels? Clothing scale gets weird with big height differences. Plus padding, probs.
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Why, Alaska, whhyyyyyy... you had #choices and you made the wrong one.
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jk alaska, love your hair, hope you win
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I think when you're marketing your own brand, doing an impersonation is probably not a good way to further your own image. I get what everyone is saying about how great a look it was, but it wasn't Tati's look.
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