Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Presidential Campaign Scandals
October 4, 2016 3:54 AM - Season 3, Episode 23 - Subscribe

This (last) week:
  • The protests in Charlotte over yet another police shooting, and the release of video from the incident.
  • Employees for Wells Fargo created a huge number of accounts for people without their knowing, in order to extract fees for those accounts, due to an "aggressive" sales campaign.
  • And Now: Wait, Is WCBS2 News at 11 Just Fucking With Us At This Point?
  • Main story: The scandals plaguing the Clinton and Trump campaigns, how the Clinton ones tend to be more annoying than truly serious, while the Trump ones tend to all be blockbusters that would doom any other candidate, resulting in scandal fatigue. YouTube (21m)

Wells Fargo: "The only bank ever to be serenaded by an eight-year-old Ron Howard."
Election 2016: "Or, as it's more commonly known, 'The Electoral Equivalent of Seeing Someone Puking So You Start Puking and Then Someone Else is Puking and Pretty Soon Everyone is Puking 2016"

F. 37: "Changeus Passwordum" over the Yahoo! logo, with the caption "YAHOO EMAIL HACK."

The list of WCBS2 news story titles: The Ugly List, The Body Password, Psychic Crime Fighting, Dream Master, 3D Facial Features, Digital Immortality, Live Like a Millennial, Live to 120?, The Ultimate Gift, Doomsday: The Secret Stash, Sick From WiFi?, DNA Matchmaking, Fighting Mom's Genes, The Vertical Farm, The Brotox Party, Hot Holiday Scams, The Sinister Scam, Sky High Snappers, Snapchat Surgery, The Pressure Pod, Pre-K Prom, Burglar's Bull's-Eye, Dirty Deeds, The Cracker Concern, The Cocoa Cure, The Cocooning Craze, Cubicle Crooks, Extreme Kidnapping: The Game.
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I love those. The Soup used to do that with Inside Edition, and the voice is eerily similar.

I miss The Soup.
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