Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Charter Schools
August 24, 2016 3:44 AM - Season 3, Episode 22 - Subscribe

This week....
  • US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte (4m) and others trashed a men's restroom, and Lochte flees to us while his collegues are detained.
  • Main story: The downsides of many charter schools (18m): poor planning, profit seeking and corruption.
  • And Now: One Final Second of Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte The Perfectly Encapsulates His Entire Personality, Career and Worldview.
  • Finally, LWT tonight noticed surprising parallels between the campaign of Donald Trump and the book "The Kid Who Ran For President." Part 1 (5m) - Part 2 (5m)

The Olympics: "Home of sports like Stupid Tiny Tennis, Inconvenient Frisbee and Whatever the Fuck This Is." (Pictured: Synchronized Swimming.)
Ryan Lochte: "The purest form of the chemical element Bro." and "America's Idiot Sea Cow"
Donald Trump: "A racist Voodoo doll made out of discarded cat hair."
Roger Ailes: "A sexually rapacious hard-boiled egg." and "Like an alien attempting to impersonate a human, but his only research was watching Charlie Sheen interviews."

F.37: C Maximus, "Larry Wilmore"
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Last Week Tonight is off for a month.
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I've watched the Lochte piece a couple of times, and I laugh every single time.

This tweet from the author of The Kid Who Ran for President is really adorable. I wondered if he knew ahead of time that LWT would be using his book, and it seems like he didn't.
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I hope the break lets them recharge -- this one was an improvement over last week's, which leaned a lot more on the exposition/advocacy than the comedy.
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Another thing he didn't mention was the fact that charter schools generally don't have to have Special Education facilities that are required of public schools by the ADA, leading to a higher percentage of special needs students in the public school population. Students who are, of course, far more expensive to service.
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I don't think he mentioned their tendency to expel kids the day after the Official Headcount To Determine Funding Day, either.
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Oh, or the day before Standardized Testing That Determines Your School's Ranking Day, for that matter.
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Labor Day (Web Exclusive)
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Birds (Web Exclusive)
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